Futsal Premier League North Conference

FC Grimsby crash to York University 4-2. ?York were simply the better team. ?

Having 4 or the first choice starting line unavailable is the only excuse Grimsby can offer.

Drawing 3 fouls to 0 in 5 minutes Grimsby had to draw the next 2 fouls and York would have been unable to tackle for fear of conceding 10 meter penalties. ?

What did Grimsby do? ?They gave York 5 fouls and 2 10 meter free shots. ?Aidy Clark conceding 4 of the first 5 fouls. ?How long does it take players to learn the levels of tolerance the referees have set?

With under par performances from to many players Jamrs Archer and Danny Hornigold were left on a 2 man mission to chase and retrieve the game. ?

Keeper Dean Gladwell saved everything asked of him, excepting goals when he was exposed by unacceptable defending errors.

For the second game this season FC Grimsby have lost a game when they have outnumbered their opponents scoring chances 2 to 1. ?

Even when awarded 2 free 10 meter shots in the second period Shaun Gladwell missed the target followed by James Archer not testing the keeper.

York were a sound, well organised team that new when and how to support each other and will cause other teams a few problems.