FC Grimsby back on track?

A great 6-2 win against FC Barca (Leeds) was the tonic needed after the 7-0 mauling from Doncaster Deaf College.

FC Grimsby fielded 3 Brazilan players as the effort continues to establish Grimsby as a futsal force.

It was the Grimsby players that impressed against dangerous opposition that were always a threat.

To pick a star player would be disrespectful to other players.  Danny Hornigold was manificent and scored with a scorcher. Jamie Archer controlled the game and poached 3; Shaun Gladwell slipped on the previous weeks performance but still netted 3 times.  Robert Cass continues to be an accomplished defender that can play when he has the ball.  The 4 gaol difference could have been dangerously close without Dean Gladwell’s best performance of the season.

The signs are there that a very formidable team is building.  

Gy impresses brazialians!!