Communication, Communication, Communication.

Wednesday night was a organisers nightmare, one team cancelling or not being available can cause havoc, on Wednesday night it did.


Magpies II ( rock solid reliable) on a Tuesday had forgotten they had a ‘club race night’ on Wednesday, sportingly they offered to pay venue costs, as per league rules, and to concede the cup tie as they had let their opponents down.

I sent texts to last game teams could they play 7-45 and not 8-30 as planned. England on TV I thought I was home and dry on this one. One team replies OK, the other does not get back to me immediately, not unusual if people are at work.

Midday phone call warning me that 2nd game team might struggle for players as it is a cup tie and most of their players has played for other teams, I allow them time to sort and thank them for letting me know. At 5 team not sorted and game is cancelled and awarded to opponents. At 5.30 they have team! Sorry but to late, accepted in sporting spirit.

&-45 game now brought forward to 7. One team can make it the other, that subsequently has requested a 7 slot, cannot as players have work arrangements to 8!

One game out of 4 scheduled was played because 1 team cancelled.

I draw this to teams attention because it is the easiest thing in the world to cancel, it gets a problem off your shoulders, but passes the problem onto some one else.  Which is unfair.

To add insult to injury a team dropped out of the Kent St league, was immediately replaced by a team wanting a place, what happens both teams turn up to play.

Next year the Cup will split into 3 sections, Kent St. Cup – Premier Challenge Cup – Second Avenue Divisions II Cup; this will help teams as many players play for 2 or more teams – it messes the team up that the player chooses not to play for.

My apologies to the teams affected.