Can you play futsal outdoors?

100% you can.

Please,one of these to cover Novartis from the elements

Last night at Novartis I refereed four terrific U11z matches. The wind was howling through the nearby trees, one floodlight dimmed in every fresh onslaught by the wind, it was bitter cold and all eight teams excelled in conditions that were more suited to a Polar Bear.

More than that the standard of play was a credit to managers and their protégées; yes the wind played its part, but more so did the players who excelled at passing and being available to receive the pass.

Exceptionally well done:

Boro’ Athletic; Discoveries All Stars; Clee Sporting; NTC; Grimsby Soccer Club & the Immingham teams.

Not to forget assistant referee Dan, who next time will wear an extra layer of clothing; fortunately I took a bag of extra warm gear!

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