Venues and referees are NOT responsible to treat injuries.

League rules state that team is responsible for the treatment of injuries to own players. 

YOUR team must have  procedures in place to deal with injuries – minor or major.



  • Have YOU contact numbers and address for YOUR player if that emergency arises?
  • Do you know if YOUR player has allergies to any drug or a past injury that ambulance staff should be made aware of?
  • Has YOUR team an Identified First Aider – (Player, parent, supporter, manager)?
  • Has YOUR team a plan in place for when (not if) an injury occurs?
  • Who has control of YOUR team  First Aid kit? – Is it complete?
  • Does YOUR team know where the local hospital is?  

 When a Grimsby Town player is injured the physio tends the injury; the manager does not run to foyer or ask referee ‘where is first aid kit?’ If it’s a serious injury that the Town physio’s training does not cover the club doctor will take over. If injury is so bad an ambulance is needed the player will be kept still and warm on the pitch until ambulance arrives. The game is stopped. Correct first aid is more important than the game.

Your team maybe ‘just’ a 5 aside team, but same procedures apply you as Grimsby Town or England.

Referees are issued with a basic first aid kit in event you have forgotten yours.

In event you are out of your depth with injury the YMCA/Novartis might have first aider on site.