New UEFA Futsal B Licence Coach Education Course

Mark has a Grimsby connection! I have a ‘T’ printed 2003 to prove it. I travelled some time before that to meet up with Mark, he had the same passion for futsal as me, and was meeting all the same stumbling blocks, namely the English & Scottish FA who both was at that time totally negative and unsupportive of futsal. Road blocks were put in front of us, for those that do not know the story, as a last throw of the dice I rang FIFA and actually got positivity. So pleasing that Mark’s stellar work has been rewarded. Kevin Bryant

Mark Potter friend if Grimsby futsal from day one has just completed 4 day seminar as a guest of the Irish FA and UEFA in Belfast for prospective Coach Educators delivering the new UEFA Futsal B Licence.

He informed it was terrific experience to see some of the Worlds top coaches in action – Javier Lozano, Venancio Lopez, Roberto Menichelli, Jorge Braz, Mico Martic, Cesar Arcones, Antonio Bores and Oscar Callejo.

Once again a privilege to be involved with friends old and new from the Futsal Family.