Baku celebrate winning National Championship 2013

Baku celebrate winning National Championship 2013

Took referee Brad Milne and futsal player Josh Tidswell, both aged 17, to watch the UK’s only professional futsal team, Baku United, play Sheffield FC in FA Super Cup. We were not disappointed, Sheffield was excellent but Baku

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was on a different level. As a comparison Grimsby’s best players would be ‘competitive’ against Sheffield, but Sheffield having a Spanish manager who understands futsal tactics and a team that trains twice a week would always have the edge. To be competitive against Baku would have to be a long term plan based on continuous improvement of our ten year olds coupled with a coach who tactically can take Grimsby futsal to next level. I believe Brad and Josh was inspired from watching the game, they now know that what they believed was futsal at its best is way off what Baku showed us. Technically every Baku player was gifted, they was comfortable with the ball in situations that threatened their Sheffield counterpart. Sheffield was no pushovers, just like Hull in the FA Cup Final they opened up a 2-0 lead before being pegged back until they struggled for long parts of the game to build any attacking momentum. Such was the Baku dominance. Baku trains four times a week and did it show. No matter how many rolling substitutions was made the movement of the players never suffered. No player stayed still or in the same position for thirty seconds, this was not movement for the sake of movement, this was choreographed, with every player knowing his part in the routine. Neither team tested the referees encroaching at free kicks nor kick ins. Players stood back full five meters and let the opponents get on with it. Lesson our teams might want to take onboard. I have seen some very good futsal teams past twenty years, Baku was best. Only disappointment was Grimsby’s Ben Mortlock missed the match due to work commitment. Ben is a physiotherapist and we were told he had a booking to treat an injured heavy metal star that was performing in Sheffield. For the teams history

Baku United FC

Baku United FC or to visit web site Grimsby team played them when they was starting out, FA Futsal Cup Final’s at Sheffield in group stages. 2-2 I think. Team squad is multi national with sprinkling of English players necessary to meet competition rules. English players fitted in flawlessly, must have good Spanish as that seemed to be the teams language of convenience.