Extra physical activity can improve school performance

Futsal coaching, details Kevin Bryant 07980 286663

Futsal coaching, details Kevin Bryant 07980 286663

According to a study, just two hours of extra physical activity each week can stimulate learning and improve school performance.

The study was carried out by scientist at the University of Gothenburg. A total of 408 12-year-olds were given two hours of extra play and motions activities per week, twice the normal account of curricular physical activity.

The results of the study were compared to control groups in three schools that did not receive extra physical activity. According to the scientists, the study found that a larger proportion on students in the intervention school did achieve the national learning goals in all subjects examined compared to the control groups.

Scientist and Neurologist, Thomas Linden said: “You can express it that two hours of extra physical education each week doubled the odds that a pupil achieves the national learning goals. We did not see a corresponding improvement in the control schools, where the pupils did not receive extra physical activity.”

Professor Michael Nilsson said: “It’s difficult in a study like this to have control of all factors that can influence school performance. But the results are so consistent and point clearly in one direction that we believe that we have a scientific base for our conclusion: extra physical activity seems to help children succeed in school.”