futsal-31500-1024x324Judging by comments made to me by the girls and their coaches, the South Humber Ladies League Play Futsal event at the Pods today was a big success.

The parents loved it too and I’m not sure who enjoyed it more…mums, dads or daughters!

Some great ball skills were on display and well over 100 goals were scored.

U13 teams from Park Tigers, Barton, Welton, Broughton Ravers, Bottesford and Normanby Belles attended.

Every one of the 60+ players who attended took part in the matches and every match was played in a friendly, competitive spirit. There wasn’t a single foul committed.

I’d like to thank the the Lincs FA for helping to organise and fund the event, coaches and parents for bringing the players, Ray for doing the fixtures (several times!), the Scunthorpe Telegraph for sending a photographer, Billy Brader for his assistance and the Barton manager who volunteered to referee on one of the courts.

Going forward, I am looking forward to next week’s U15 futsal and, hopefully, arranging more futsal for all the girls in the SHLL. They will need something to do while we’re waiting for the Arctic weather to abate!

January 20, 2013

For more information about futsal, go to: www.futsal4kids.com