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Triangle-BackThe triangle is the philosophy of the aims of Kevin Bryant Sports Coaching and our supporting coaches. Players need a great touch, sharp ball control, tricks; disguise; to be able to dribble, that’s where all the early emphasis should be.

Passing is self explanatory, but can a player make swift choices when under pressure?

If a player has great technique he will enjoy the game so much more throughout his life, if he can make a high percentage of game changing passes he will be a real asset to a team, a player in demand.

Tactics and strategy are way down the line, age 16 at best.

Best way to achieve all these goals is by playing 4 vs.4 (+ a goalkeeper) which is Futsal.

Only 4 vs. 4 creates all the demands of football, creating  & closing space; defending & attacking; shooting & blocking ; making passing angles & forcing passing errors.

Kevin Bryant