Junior Under 10 Futsal Coaching Sessions – Book a Place Now!

10 a.m – 11 a.m. every Saturday

Cost £3

Player will need indoor trainers/shin pads/drink of water, everything else we provide.

Train protected from high winds; rain and the elements.


Wanted School Year 3 & 4 Teams to play in Futsal Mini Tournaments

  • Aim is to have 4 teams to play 3 matches each during¬† one hour
  • Aim is to have fun and players leave with a smile on their faces
  • Aim is for players to leave more technically aware than when they arrived
  • Aim is lots of goals & keeper heroics

Kevin Bryant 07980286663; kevin@futsal.org.uk

Venue contact number 01472 359621

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Kevin Bryant is joint author with Dr. Daniel Berdejo-Del-Fresno of ‘Coaching Children In & Through Futsal’ Click to read