Titans to good for their own good; league brochure; Sheffield tournament update; coaching; and Grimsby futsal development – Kevin Bryant Blog

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Titans’ are setting a new junior level, it’s not that they win almost every game; it’s the style and technique they do it with. If there was a National Junior Championship tomorrow I would put money on them winning or being very close to National Champions, they are that good. Opponents can but turn up with the consolation they will not play them every week.
Max was unplayable, when I asked how he was getting on at GTFC I was told he had difficult two seasons because of his light weight frame. Barcelona had same problem with Inesta, just they took the difficult move, moved him up a level and said that ‘if he had skill and technique that was all that mattered, muscle they could add.’
Sheffield tournament still under discussion, finding a date is big problem; two superb venues have been suggested.
Will be emailing teams a new ‘league brochure,’ greatly appreciate if you will forward to football friends. Your recommendation is worth 10 advertisements in Grimsby Telegraph.
Numbers attending futsal coaching sessions steadily increasing each week. With Paul Goodhand assisting along with some committed parents, players and coaches having great fun. Free voucher is on the Home Page.
The FA has sent a reply to the Grimsby Borough application to enter the 2014 FA National Futsal League. In short we need to be playing some National League friendly matches January, February at latest to support our entry.
New school year 4/5 league has started, noticeable how much progress teams have made in couple of matches. Still places for new teams.
Pleased that Keelby, and as yet an un-named, but experienced futsal team have joined year 9/10 league.
Kevin Bryant