This is Last Week before Leagues Summer Break

Under water footballEnjoy those balmy days round swimming pool with a bottle Sangria too hand.

Summer breaks are a welcome break for ‘organisers’ too, but not a complete break. The LFA has just sanctioned GFL Laws and Management Rules for 2019/20 season. Everyone will get a pdf copy in due course. Or should I say when a professional has taken them from a KB word format and into a professional pdf format.

The follow on from the Laws & Management document will be a League Welfare process for teams. System FA has used in past has not been ‘fit for purpose;’ surprised it has taken them so long to realise. Last month I re-sat the Welfare Course as a starter to updating Welfare Processes. All will be in place for September restart.

For most teams, those attached to a club, it will mean affiliating as a futsal team through your club to play futsal. Your club in turn will affiliate you to the Lincolnshire County FA to play futsal. Once registered with a ‘club’ the club will then check right people are running team.

Teams not affiliated to a club the process will be similar, cannot say more as I am waiting for clarification.

National League team Sheffield FC have made contact for an August friendly in preparation for their FA National league Season. Another chunk of my August break taken.

Add into all this ‘project new venue’ which is currently a paper trial, that if all goes to plan, becomes a funding operation. More lost August hours.

Just as I was about to close I get a phone call nudging me ‘when are League starting u9 matches?’ I promise shortly and at same time feel my nose start elongate.

Enjoy your break, I’m determined to make most of mine.

League Organiser

Kevin Bryant