Kev Bryant Blog – Titans nominated FA Futsal Cup, another YMCA wonder goal, talking to Burnsy, Barca visit getting closer, ‘MP’ training with Sheffield FC; Wednesday League better than European Cup!

Mathew Payne stretches out before FC Grimsby game

Mathew Payne stretches out before FC Grimsby game

LFA has allowed me to nominate a County under sixteen team to represent the County in the FA National Junior Futsal Cup. Such is the standard of the league I shall be requesting that they accept 2Goals1Cup who took Titans’ to the wire. It needed a playoff match to separate to great teams. No promises but will ask.

Playing for YMCA Spartans keeper ‘Ryan’ was given a tight delicate back pass to deal with inches of his goal line; he quickly moved the ball out of his feet and chipped the opposing goal keeper. Ryan had a space the size of the ball to aim at and he hit it!

Radio Humberside got wind of our coach visit from Barcelona Futsal Club February 16th.  As a consequence I went into Grimsby office and did a live link with Burnsy.  Limited spaces left for junior u10 players 235704/07980286663.

League stalwart Matty Payne is back playing after a serious illness. Great to know your fit and well and pleased that you are linking with Grimsby England star Ben Mortlock at Sheffield FC futsal club.

John Drew reporting great games of futsal at Second Avenue senior league, more fun he says than watching UEFA matches on TV. Some compliment.

Both the Thursday (11/12) and Novartis (9/10) leagues growing in numbers allowing leagues to be split into two divisions, more enjoyable for lower table teams but demanding challenge for top end teams.

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