Kev Bryant Blog – Magnificent Tuesday; Wonder goal, Leagues continue to grow; Standard rockets!

workshop_poster_final_smallRefereed three games last Tuesday and cannot praise the standard of play to highly. First up was Franklin 3 Valiant 8:

Franklin started 3-0; then get lost between whether to continue attacking or to defend for 30 minutes.

Valiant line up one of strongest seen at Second Avenue. Fire power throughout team with Dale Mason, Nathan Emerson; Paul Goodhand; Danny North.

Sam Brooks outstanding for Franklin.

Game two was Rob West 5 McDonalds 4

Rob West gaining reputation for silky futsal skills.

Might not look part with no proper kit, but don’t be fooled these lads can play.

Game three was Me2 All Stars 5 Fran City 6, a game that’s probably still smouldering now.

To write a report on the drama in this game would take pages.

Brilliant game tactically, skill wise, with more twists and turns than a two hour game of snakes and ladders.

5-5 with 30 seconds to go, Fran break from defending a corner, you know the rest.

Woody’ scores dream goal playing for Dragons vs. YMCA

Sensational control and back heel goal from distance, know it was special from number texts extolling its virtue.

Overall standards improving week by week.

Know from my own experiences with the YMCA teams in the u14/15 league that my teams are playing some superb controlled futsal, only to find the top opposition moved up as well. With an influx of new teams will be able to split next league. This will help newcomers because, as it stands, they are starting at a huge disadvantage to a dozen or so vastly experienced teams.

Text from John Mawer, referee Novartis year 4/5 league, telling me same. Teams he says week 7 are unrecognisable from week .

FA National League Update:

Entries must be in by end of March; I have paperwork to hand.

FA Futsal Cup:

Winners of current Tuesday League will be nominated, League must be completed end February.