Goal of century at YMCA – u9s grasping futsal in record time – streets with no cars

Another great week of futsal, thanks everyone.

Highlight of the week was a goal in the ‘oldies’ Wednesday night futsal session at YMCA. Occasionally I make the numbers, defying my aging limitations and commonsense. The ball was passed to me in goal, can’t pick the ball up, two opposition players sense my vulnerability. Panic aligned to a bit quick thinking, I have to say it no one else will, I flicked the ball into the air to a teammate who I knew had skill to volley ball clear. More than volley the ball he put the ball in the far goal top corner. From one end of YMCA to other in blink of an eye. Everyone stopped and applauded said player. Up there with best goals I have ever seen and I assisted!

Thanks to new under nines teams who are grasping the concepts of futsal in record quick time. It happens sometimes that a team wins by a large margin, the losing manager then has to step and cajole his team. The losing manager is one I look out for; ‘does he need assistance’, so far managers have been excellent too.

Parents are usually less stressful in futsal than football. One they don’t understand laws fully so are less inclined to criticise, other is ball is always moving quickly end to end. There just isn’t time to have your two penneth of coaching your protégé.

Monday under 11’s are class of their own; I have players seeking to join and can’t help because every team is populated. Why didn’t we have futsal when I was 11? That said we did have ‘street soccer’; yes we played in the street. Imagine your street with not one car parked, that was how it was 1950’s. Cars have stolen children’s’ habitat.

Wednesday night I dread, I have to get a Corinthians team out to play in Senior League. Small league and Corinthians on their day can be competitive, but not very often. This week I was optimistic, team sorted night before, I slept well. By noon next day I had lost three of my five to excuses so week they was pointless. Team lost again.

Kev Bryant