FA Futsal Cup 2007 Laws of game

Grimsby Futsal Cup 2007
Laws of the Game

As per FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game with underlined exceptions. These exceptions have been made to reflect the facilities available. The underlined changes do not impinge on the game itself.
A full set of FIFA rules can be downloaded from FIFA.com using Adobe.
Law 1    The pitch: as per rules
Law 2    The ball as per rules
Law 3     Number of players: 5v 5, plus 5 substitutes
Law 4     Player’s equipment: as per rules
Law 5    The referee: as per rules. Plus acting as sole timekeeper
Law 6    Second referee / Teams to supply linesman
Law 7    No timekeeper or third referee
Law 8    Duration of matches:  20 minutes each way clock time
Law 9    Start and restart: as per rules
Law 10    Ball in and out of play: as per rules
Law 11    Method of scoring: as per rules
Law 12    Fouls and misconduct: as per rules
Law 13    Free kicks: as per rules
Law 14    Accumulated fouls as per rules
Kicks from penalty mark and referees’ signals: as per FIFA rules.
Knockout.        If scores level at the end of the game 5 nominated players take penalties in rotation. If scores still level rotation continues in same order in sudden death play off.  FIFA futsal rules for penalty shoot out are to apply.
Transfers          No transfers allowed during the duration of the competition.
Discipline:      The Discipline process will be as per the Lincolnshire County FA disciplinary process.
Kevin Bryant                         16 January 2007
Sanctioned                        Sunday, 28 January 2007