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New Monday U12z/13z Europea League
TeamPWDLPts Form
 Caistor Tennyson kf11003W
 Immingham Pilgrims sp11003W
 NTC ce00000
 Discoveries All-Stars U12z rc00000
 Healing Hotspurs Solsberg ss00000
 Power Play Futsal dp00000
 Clee Girls kg00000
 Boro' Athletic jb10010L
 Sidney Park u12s10010L
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Mon 16th of March 2020Boro' Athletic jb2V5Immingham Pilgrims sp 
Mon 16th of March 2020Caistor Tennyson kf12V0Sidney Park u12s 
Mon 16th of March 2020Boro' Athletic jb8V1Clee Girls kg 
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DateTimeVenueMain Referee Second Referee TeamVTeamNotes
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BlankClee Girls kgVPower Play Futsal dp 
Healing Hotspurs Solsberg ssVImmingham Pilgrims sp 
NTC ceVHealing Hotspurs Solsberg ss 
Power Play Futsal dpVDiscoveries All-Stars U12z rc 
Sidney Park u12sVClee Girls kg 
Boro' Athletic jbVCaistor Tennyson kf 
Clee Girls kgVBoro' Athletic jb 
Discoveries All-Stars U12z rcVSidney Park u12s 
Healing Hotspurs Solsberg ssVPower Play Futsal dp 
Immingham Pilgrims spVNTC ce 
Power Play Futsal dpVImmingham Pilgrims sp 
Sidney Park u12sVHealing Hotspurs Solsberg ss 
Boro' Athletic jbVDiscoveries All-Stars U12z rc 
Caistor Tennyson kfVClee Girls kg 
Discoveries All-Stars U12z rcVCaistor Tennyson kf 
Healing Hotspurs Solsberg ssVBoro' Athletic jb 
Immingham Pilgrims spVSidney Park u12s 
NTC ceVPower Play Futsal dp 
Sidney Park u12sVNTC ce 
Caistor Tennyson kfVHealing Hotspurs Solsberg ss 
Clee Girls kgVDiscoveries All-Stars U12z rc 
Healing Hotspurs Solsberg ssVClee Girls kg 
Immingham Pilgrims spVCaistor Tennyson kf 
NTC ceVBoro' Athletic jb 
Power Play Futsal dpVSidney Park u12s 
Boro' Athletic jbVPower Play Futsal dp 
Caistor Tennyson kfVNTC ce 
Clee Girls kgVImmingham Pilgrims sp 
Discoveries All-Stars U12z rcVHealing Hotspurs Solsberg ss 
Immingham Pilgrims spVDiscoveries All-Stars U12z rc 
NTC ceVClee Girls kg 
Power Play Futsal dpVCaistor Tennyson kf 
Sidney Park u12sVBoro' Athletic jb 
Discoveries All-Stars U12z rcVImmingham Pilgrims sp 
Clee Girls kgVNTC ce 
Caistor Tennyson kfVPower Play Futsal dp 
Boro' Athletic jbVSidney Park u12s 
Power Play Futsal dpVBoro' Athletic jb 
NTC ceVCaistor Tennyson kf 
Immingham Pilgrims spVClee Girls kg 
Healing Hotspurs Solsberg ssVDiscoveries All-Stars U12z rc 
Clee Girls kgVHealing Hotspurs Solsberg ss 
Caistor Tennyson kfVImmingham Pilgrims sp 
Boro' Athletic jbVNTC ce 
Sidney Park u12sVPower Play Futsal dp 
NTC ceVSidney Park u12s 
Immingham Pilgrims spVBoro' Athletic jb 
Healing Hotspurs Solsberg ssVCaistor Tennyson kf 
Discoveries All-Stars U12z rcVClee Girls kg 
Caistor Tennyson kfVDiscoveries All-Stars U12z rc 
Boro' Athletic jbVHealing Hotspurs Solsberg ss 
Sidney Park u12sVImmingham Pilgrims sp 
Power Play Futsal dpVNTC ce 
Immingham Pilgrims spVPower Play Futsal dp 
Healing Hotspurs Solsberg ssVSidney Park u12s 
Discoveries All-Stars U12z rcVBoro' Athletic jb 
Clee Girls kgVCaistor Tennyson kf 
Boro' Athletic jbVClee Girls kg 
Sidney Park u12sVDiscoveries All-Stars U12z rc 
Power Play Futsal dpVHealing Hotspurs Solsberg ss 
NTC ceVImmingham Pilgrims sp 
Healing Hotspurs Solsberg ssVNTC ce 
Discoveries All-Stars U12z rcVPower Play Futsal dp 
Clee Girls kgVSidney Park u12s 
Caistor Tennyson kfVBoro' Athletic jb 
Sidney Park u12sVCaistor Tennyson kf 
Power Play Futsal dpVClee Girls kg 
NTC ceVDiscoveries All-Stars U12z rc 
Immingham Pilgrims spVHealing Hotspurs Solsberg ss 
NOVARTISDiscoveries All-Stars U12z rcVNTC ce 
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