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New - Monday u11z/12z Champions League
TeamPWDLPts Form
 Seven Seas (ca)00000
 Wybers Juniors U11z00000
  FC Synerjy U1100000
 Immingham Pilgrims U11 (ch)00000
 Healing Hotspurs Blackrow00000
 Clee Sporting (jm)00000
 Immingham Pilgrims (pf)00000
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DateTimeVenueMain Referee Second Referee TeamVTeamNotes
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Clee Sporting (jm)VWybers Juniors U11z 
Healing Hotspurs BlackrowVSeven Seas (ca) 
Immingham Pilgrims (pf)VImmingham Pilgrims U11 (ch) 
Seven Seas (ca)VImmingham Pilgrims (pf) 
Wybers Juniors U11zVHealing Hotspurs Blackrow 
FC Synerjy U11VClee Sporting (jm) 
Healing Hotspurs BlackrowV FC Synerjy U11 
Immingham Pilgrims (pf)VWybers Juniors U11z 
Immingham Pilgrims U11 (ch)VSeven Seas (ca) 
Wybers Juniors U11zVImmingham Pilgrims U11 (ch) 
FC Synerjy U11VImmingham Pilgrims (pf) 
YMCA Clee Sporting (jm)VHealing Hotspurs Blackrow 
Immingham Pilgrims (pf)VClee Sporting (jm) 
Immingham Pilgrims U11 (ch)V FC Synerjy U11 
Seven Seas (ca)VWybers Juniors U11z 
FC Synerjy U11VSeven Seas (ca) 
Clee Sporting (jm)VImmingham Pilgrims U11 (ch) 
Healing Hotspurs BlackrowVImmingham Pilgrims (pf) 
Immingham Pilgrims U11 (ch)VHealing Hotspurs Blackrow 
Seven Seas (ca)VClee Sporting (jm) 
Wybers Juniors U11zV FC Synerjy U11 
Healing Hotspurs BlackrowVImmingham Pilgrims U11 (ch) 
Clee Sporting (jm)VSeven Seas (ca) 
FC Synerjy U11VWybers Juniors U11z 
Seven Seas (ca)V FC Synerjy U11 
Immingham Pilgrims U11 (ch)VClee Sporting (jm) 
Immingham Pilgrims (pf)VHealing Hotspurs Blackrow 
Clee Sporting (jm)VImmingham Pilgrims (pf) 
FC Synerjy U11VImmingham Pilgrims U11 (ch) 
Wybers Juniors U11zVSeven Seas (ca) 
Immingham Pilgrims U11 (ch)VWybers Juniors U11z 
Immingham Pilgrims (pf)V FC Synerjy U11 
Healing Hotspurs BlackrowVClee Sporting (jm) 
FC Synerjy U11VHealing Hotspurs Blackrow 
Wybers Juniors U11zVImmingham Pilgrims (pf) 
Seven Seas (ca)VImmingham Pilgrims U11 (ch) 
Immingham Pilgrims (pf)VSeven Seas (ca) 
Healing Hotspurs BlackrowVWybers Juniors U11z 
Clee Sporting (jm)V FC Synerjy U11 
Wybers Juniors U11zVClee Sporting (jm) 
Seven Seas (ca)VHealing Hotspurs Blackrow 
Immingham Pilgrims U11 (ch)VImmingham Pilgrims (pf) 
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