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Monday night Europa League U10/U11
TeamPWDLFADiff Pts Form
FC Synerjy U11z540137152212WWLWW
Healing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ)532022121011DWWWD
Haverstoe Hotspurs U10z53111917210WLWWD
Wybers Girls 5212191817DWLLW
Keelby United U10z51041428-143LLWLL
Discoveries Mariners U10z5005930-210LLLLL
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Mon 14th of January 2019Keelby United U10z2V12FC Synerjy U11z
Mon 14th of January 2019Healing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ)3V3Wybers Girls  
Mon 14th of January 2019Haverstoe Hotspurs U10z4V2Discoveries Mariners U10z
Mon 17th of December 2018Haverstoe Hotspurs U10z4V8FC Synerjy U11z 
Mon 17th of December 2018Keelby United U10z4V5Healing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ) 
Mon 17th of December 2018Wybers Girls 8V2Discoveries Mariners U10z 
Mon 10th of December 2018Wybers Girls 2V4Haverstoe Hotspurs U10z 
Mon 10th of December 2018Healing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ)5V2FC Synerjy U11z
Mon 10th of December 2018Keelby United U10z4V3Discoveries Mariners U10z 
Mon 3rd of December 2018Haverstoe Hotspurs U10z5V3Keelby United U10z
Mon 3rd of December 2018Discoveries Mariners U10z1V7Healing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ) 
Mon 3rd of December 2018FC Synerjy U11z8V3Wybers Girls
Mon 26th of November 2018FC Synerjy U11z7V1Discoveries Mariners U10z 
Mon 26th of November 2018Healing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ)2V2Haverstoe Hotspurs U10z 
Mon 26th of November 2018Keelby United U10z1V3Wybers Girls  
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DateTimeVenueReferee TeamVTeamNotes
Mon 21st of January 20195:50 PMNOVARTISMawer J (LFA Futsal Referee)Discoveries Mariners U10zVWybers Girls  
Mon 21st of January 20196:00 PMYMCA Bryant K (LFA Futsal Referee)FC Synerjy U11zVHealing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ) 
Mon 21st of January 20196:25 PMNOVARTISMawer J (LFA Futsal Referee)Keelby United U10zVHaverstoe Hotspurs U10z 
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Discoveries Mariners U10zVKeelby United U10z 
Discoveries Mariners U10zVFC Synerjy U11z 
FC Synerjy U11zVKeelby United U10z 
Haverstoe Hotspurs U10zVHealing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ) 
Discoveries Mariners U10zVHaverstoe Hotspurs U10z 
Wybers Girls VKeelby United U10z 
Healing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ)VDiscoveries Mariners U10z 
FC Synerjy U11zVHaverstoe Hotspurs U10z 
Healing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ)VKeelby United U10z 
Wybers Girls VFC Synerjy U11z 
Wybers Girls VHealing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ) 
Haverstoe Hotspurs U10zVWybers Girls  
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