To All Clubs and Teams. Important moving forward…

Kevin Bryant 2002 FA Finals
10,000 plus matches now on clock. Ready for knackers yard.

Very briefly I am in talks to keep leagues operating. The offers by people to help has been very generous and appreciated.

I can’t say too much at this point as my thoughts of how the LFA is currently being operated and the disregard for the Grimsby Leagues shown by the Grimsby Town Education Trust is not printable.

Last week I accepted an LFA offer to use my experience to deliver a County Junior Futsal Cup competition, expenses no pay. I happily agreed anything that benefits futsal I support. I mentioned at same meeting that I heard GTET was about to start two (two term) futsal leagues in competition with my (your leagues), something I was not happy about as previously they had avoided cost of ‘affiliation’ and used student referees. Not a level playing field.

The LFA took my comments onboard and said they would only be supporting ‘affiliated’ leagues. What have GTET put on their web page tonight, an advert that their counterproductive leagues are sponsored by the Football Foundation courtesy of the LFA!

Why did the LFA not tell me this when we was sat face to face and they was passing compliments and asking favours?

Being positive and presuming the leagues continue some big decisions need to be made. Does the league need to be affiliated to the LFA; is there a simpler better way of operating? All suggestions welcomed. If things move quickly there will be some fixtures posted over weekend. I have had request from teams wanting to play or book courts they love the game and don’t want a week off.


Kevin Bryant