Grimsby Futsal League –  Junior Tournaments Commencing 2012

Law exceptions have
been introduced as courts are booked by the hour, making playing to a stop
clock impractical.

Law 1                        The
pitch: as per FIFA

Law 2                        The
ball as per FIFA

Law 3                        Number
of players: 5v 5, plus 5 substitutes as per FIFA

Law 4                        Player’s
equipment: as per FIFA                 
Trainers only on
astro/indoor courts, shin pads must be worn

Law 5                        Main
referee: as per FIFA. Plus acting as sole timekeeper

Law 6                        No
second referee:                                               
Home team to supply a
linesman if requested by referee

Law 7                        No
timekeeper or third referee

Law 8                        Duration of match          (Junior u/8 – u/13 – u/15 games
15minutes each half)

Law 9                     Start & restart of play as per FIFA

Law 10                      Ball
in and out of play: as per FIFA

Law 11                      Method
of scoring: as per FIFA

Law 12                      Fouls
and misconduct: as per FIFA                                               
sliding tackles junior leagues

Law 13                      Free
kicks: as per FIFA

Law 14                    Accumulated fouls Reduced to 3 per half to reflect 15min’ halves. 10 meter
free shot on 4th foul and subsequent fouls.

Kicks from penalty mark and referees’ signals: as per FIFA

Points and Scoring
Win 3  points, Draw = 1point

Teams play each
other twice.  If points are level the
head-to-head record between the two teams applies, if still level teams will
play a play-off match.                                                         
Goal scored, goal difference
etc will NOT apply

Awarded Matches:

 Score to match recipients 5-0 as per FIFA
rules for futsal. 


No transfer during a competition.

A team can use two
loan players who are signed to play in league.  The opposing manager must be informed
before kickoff.  Manager can veto the
loan (loans) if team believe it is being used for tactical advantage. 
This loan system has been trailed by Hertfordshire County
FA and was found useful to keep games played when team struggling for
players.  This will be tested by GFL 2012.

Signing on:

Teams must register
all players to league. 

Lincolnshire County FA




Management & Administration


1. Management of the

a. The Competition
shall be called the Grimsby Junior Futsal League 2012

Any alteration to
these rules must be sanctioned by LFA rules committee.

The Competition shall
be governed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the English Football Association.  FIFA
futsal rules will be used as submitted.

The Lincolnshire Football Association will sanction the
competition.  The competition, all teams
and players, and other persons shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations of
that Association.


2.  Affiliation of participating teams.

All teams will be
affiliated to the Lincolnshire FA
County Association Ltd, through the Competition.


3. Entry fees and

Cost per game £14. (7
players £2 each, 5 players £2-80 each). Fees can alter to reflect venue

Cancelling a match less
than 48 hours notice incurs a £10 fine. 
Failure to complete league fixtures is a £25 fine + outstanding match

A team with
outstanding league match fees will be refused entry into Cup competitions.


4. Committee and

A committee will be
formed consisting of Mr K Bryant, Mr Rob Parry,
and Mr Mark Laughton.  The committee
shall have the power to apply, act upon and enforce the Rules of the
Competition, and shall also have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the
Competition, including any not provided for by these rules.

The committee shall
also adjudicate over all matters effecting the competition Rules.

The committee shall
also adjudicate in all cases of dispute, protest and complaint.

Other members can be
co-opted if required.


5. Copies of rules.

A copy of the rules
will be available to all participating clubs. 
Rules will be displayed


6. Players

The tournament is for
junior teams only.


7. Team colours.

Competing teams must
register a first set of colours. In the event of a colour clash the second
named team must change.  Bibs will be
available.  Players should be dressed in
uniform shirts and shorts.  Goalkeepers
must wear kit that does not clash with the referees. Goalkeepers may wear
tracksuit bottoms.  Players must wear
shin pads.


8.  Arrangement of the competition.

As per the laws and
management rules submitted to LFA.


9.  Reporting Results.

Referees will complete a
match report and return it to administration at the end of each evening’s group
of matches.


10.  Referees.

The Competition
Committee shall appoint referees.


11.  Protests and complaints.

All questions of
eligibility, qualification of players or interpretation of Rules shall be
referred to the Committee, but the committee thereon shall entertain no
objection to the dimensions of the playing area or appurtenances unless a
protest is lodged before the commencement of the game.


12.  Appeals.

Any appeal against a
decision of the Committee must be made to the Lincolnshire Football Association in accordance with its rules
within 14 days of the posting of the decision of the Committee and accompanied
by an appeal fee of £35.


13.  Misconduct.

To be dealt with in
association with LFA procedures.


14.  Team Names.

No team must enter
this Competition in the name of another affiliated club without the full
knowledge and authority of that club.


16.  Memento-es.

Teams will receive
sports vouchers to spend at Pro Active Sports Supply, New Waltham,
Grimsby.  Team winning a 10 team league
will receive a £100 voucher.  Voucher
value will vary dependant number of teams in league for details.



League and Cup
formats to be decided by League when number of teams is confirmed.


Submitted LFA
Saturday, 20/01/2012