Updated League Laws & Rules sanctioned by LFA 22nd November 2017

Laws of Futsal adapted to suit needs of Grimsby Futsal League and development of young players

Goal Keeper distribution junior leagues

  1. Ball cannot be ‘dropped kicked’ from hands in any circumstance
  2. Youngest ages keeper cannot throw ball over half way line, opposition must retreat to half way at goal kick (throw)
  3. Mid ability teams can throw ball over half way line, but ball must bounce before it crosses the half way line
  4. Penalty for offence 2/3 is an indirect kick to opponents on half way line at point ball crossed
  5. Older and senior teams FIFA law applies
  6. Teams will be informed which rule applies their league. Law will start at commencement of any new tournament after 8th November
  • No sliding tackles junior futsal. NB: Sliding to intercept ball is not classed as a sliding tackle.
  • Seniors can slide. Tackler must ensure he plays ball without contact with opposition player. (Safety is priority)

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