Updated League Laws & Rules sanctioned by LFA 22nd November 2017

Win = 3 points Draw = 1point
 SENIORIf teams level on points, league position to be decided by best goal difference, most goals scored, least conceded, the head-to-head record between the two teams and if still level a play-off match to be held.JUNIORLeague position decided points only, if teams level a playoff game will decide.

5-0 as per FIFA rules.


No transfers allowed during a league or competition.

This can be appealed to Organising Committee in exceptional circumstance.

Loan Player (s)

A team may use 2 loan players in a match with following conditions:

Opposing manager and match referee is  given notice before kick off

If opposition team has 6 players then opponents may only use loan player (s) to bring team tally to 5.

Opposition can agree game is played 6 vs. 6 if they choose.

A loan player cannot play more than two times to assist same team during any competition.

  • The League will attempt to always keep two weeks fixtures on the web
  • Once a fixture is posted to the web it cannot  be postponed or changed (effectively 14 days notice)
  • A match fee of £20 will be charged and match points given to opposition

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