Updated League Laws & Rules sanctioned by LFA 22nd November 2017

Updated  & sent to LFA for ratification Wednesday, 08 November 2017
Law 1 The pitch: as per Laws
Law 2 The ball as per rules as Laws
Law 3 Number of players as per Laws
Law 4 Player’s equipment: as per Laws


Shin pads must be worn. Trainers only, no studs or blades

Law 5 The referee as per Laws.


Plus acting as sole timekeeper

Law 6 Second referee as per Laws.


Home team to supply a linesman

Law 7 No timekeeper or third referee
Law 8 Duration of match


Junior matches 15 minute half, senior  20 minute halves

Law 9 Start and restart: as per Laws                                                                                Read notes page 6
Law 10 Ball in and out of play: as per Laws
Law 11 Method of scoring: as per Laws
Law 12 Fouls and misconduct: as per Laws
Law 13 Free kicks: as per Laws


Read exceptions attached.

Law 14 Accumulated fouls as per Laws


Juniors reduced to 3 per half to reflect 15min’ halves

Seniors reduced to  4 to reflect 20 minute halves

Free shot on 4th & 5th foul respectively

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