Ben Yedder Follows Neymar, Ronaldinho and More as Product of the Futsal Factory By Pete Hall , Special to Bleacher Report May 8, 2015

Ben Yedder

Ben Yedder

Futsal players immediately give themselves a head start on the ball. Using the sole of their foot to control it, they shift their momentum forward, making the next pass easier as the ball is out of their feet.

The small ball and flat arena makes it easier to do so, but after years of perfecting such a skill, a futsal first touch can be developed to become second nature. The ability to read the game much quicker is an important skill against the many teams that have adopted a high-pressing approach.

The days of heavy drinking among footballers are long gone, and diets and fitness are of paramount importance. Today’s players are elite athletes. Therefore, improving the speed of decision-making is essential, and that is a trait Ben Yedder was quick to point out is developed through futsal.

“It helps to be able to see things before your opponent,”

said. “In futsal, you have less time to think so make decisions faster than most. You know what is coming. It may not always work, but an understanding is generated through futsal.”

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