Who would be… a referee?



I have played football at quite a few levels over the years from my school team, to a local junior community team to adult 5-a-side (including futsal). I missed a trial for the Grimsby and District squad due to injury once upon a time. I have now started refereeing a few matches a week and the amount of times I have been sworn at, questioned and pressured about decisions is unbelievable!

Every week I double check what the role of the referee actually is- “To enforce the laws of the game, award free-kicks if there

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is any foul play and keep a check on the time.” As a player I remember being coached to “play the whistle”, “don’t argue with the referee” and “play the ball”. My weekly experience is teams and spectators questioning nearly every decision that goes against them. They seem to have forgotten that some decisions are fifty fifty, sometimes the referee doesn’t see everything and if the referee blew for every infringement the game would come to a stop sometimes. At the community level I am not sure when we will get goal line technology, let alone TV replays!

I am aware that I get some decisions wrong, but players seem to take it personally. My view is that the more hassle players give a referee the more chances there are that wrong decisions will be made. So what is the point of all of the aggression? And then the players blame the referee if they lose. Dare I say, “It is

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only a game!”. It is a beautiful game when players play and the officials enforce the rules.

I feel that we need to get some discipline back in the game.
See this link for a national paper’s report on the same issue: