Plus 50 and want to stay fit and lose weight (hopefully)? Come and join Corinthians at Bradley Sports Center – Every TUESDAY 11 a.m.

Grimsby Corinthians 2018 training session

Grimsby Corinthians welcome any player 50+ who wants to play competitive or non competitive football in a friendly welcoming environment. Times team is picked specifically with intention to win. Corinthians are currently Lincs FA County Champions and in the East Riding County FA they are league winners with games in hand. All sounds very good but just like all football you are only at top for as long as it takes for more capable opposition to overtake you.

Corinthians also value that many just want to pay and play, that’s fine we have space to accommodate you too. Corinthians value all walking football compatriots, we are all so lucky to be kicking a ball at an age we thought was beyond us. Join us in our second youth.

Win or lose we will all yarn football afterwards with a coffee in hand.

Kevin Bryant (Vice Chairman Grimsby Corinthians)