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U12s (Thursday)
TeamPWDLFADiff Pts Form
YMCA Dragons980153262724WWWLWWWWW
Ymca All Stars mp96123125619WWLWLWWDW
Grimsby Borough Ballers1052355322317WLWWDWLDWL
Clee Community952243301317WLWWDWDWL
Seven Seas94054946312WLLWLLWLW
Wybers FC531131151610LWWWD
Discoveries Mariners93153353-2010LWLLLDLWW
Healing U11z Futsal AM30121014-41LDL
Sydney Park70161437-231LLLDLLL
Holton Le Clay Boys80171455-411LDLLLLLL
JR Sports U12z00000000
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Thu 16th of November 2017Wybers FC0V4Grimsby Borough Ballers 
Thu 16th of November 2017Healing U11z Futsal AM4V7Clee Community 
Thu 16th of November 2017YMCA Dragons7V2Clee Community 
Thu 16th of November 2017Holton Le Clay Boys2V5Ymca All Stars mp 
Thu 16th of November 2017Sydney Park2V7Seven Seas 
Thu 9th of November 2017Healing U11z Futsal AM5V5Holton Le Clay Boys 
Thu 9th of November 2017Discoveries Mariners2V9Wybers FC 
Thu 9th of November 2017Clee Community4V2Grimsby Borough Ballers 
Thu 9th of November 2017Seven Seas5V9YMCA Dragons 
Thu 9th of November 2017Ymca All Stars mp6V5Sydney Park 
Thu 2nd of November 2017Holton Le Clay Boys1V7Clee Community 
Thu 2nd of November 2017Healing U11z Futsal AM1V2Discoveries Mariners 
Thu 2nd of November 2017Ymca All Stars mp1V6YMCA Dragons 
Thu 2nd of November 2017Grimsby Borough Ballers12V2Seven Seas 
Thu 26th of October 2017Grimsby Borough Ballers7V4YMCA Dragons 
Thu 26th of October 2017Wybers FC9V3Discoveries Mariners 
Thu 26th of October 2017Holton Le Clay Boys2V9Wybers FC 
Thu 26th of October 2017Seven Seas5V2Sydney Park 
Thu 19th of October 2017Grimsby Borough Ballers4V4Wybers FC 
Thu 19th of October 2017Discoveries Mariners4V7YMCA Dragons 
Thu 19th of October 2017Sydney Park3V3Clee Community 
Thu 19th of October 2017Seven Seas1V2Ymca All Stars mp 
Thu 12th of October 2017Grimsby Borough Ballers7V2Discoveries Mariners 
Thu 12th of October 2017Holton Le Clay Boys0V7YMCA Dragons 
Thu 12th of October 2017YMCA Dragons5V2Sydney Park 
Thu 12th of October 2017Ymca All Stars mp1V3Clee Community 
Thu 5th of October 2017YMCA Dragons2V1Grimsby Borough Ballers 
Thu 5th of October 2017Clee Community7V0Holton Le Clay Boys 
Thu 5th of October 2017Discoveries Mariners6V6Clee Community 
Thu 5th of October 2017Sydney Park0V3Ymca All Stars mp 
Thu 28th of September 2017Seven Seas6V8Discoveries Mariners 
Thu 28th of September 2017Ymca All Stars mp6V2Discoveries Mariners 
Thu 21st of September 2017Grimsby Borough Ballers4V4Ymca All Stars mp 
Thu 21st of September 2017Holton Le Clay Boys2V11Seven Seas 
Thu 14th of September 2017Clee Community4V6YMCA Dragons 
Thu 14th of September 2017Sydney Park0V8Grimsby Borough Ballers 
Thu 14th of September 2017Ymca All Stars mp3V2Seven Seas 
Thu 7th of September 2017Discoveries Mariners4V2Holton Le Clay Boys
Thu 7th of September 2017Seven Seas10V6Grimsby Borough Ballers 
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Thu 23rd of November 20176:05 PMNOVARTISGrimsby Borough BallersVHolton Le Clay Boys 
Thu 23rd of November 20176:45 PMNOVARTISJR Sports U12zVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
Thu 23rd of November 20177:15 PMNOVARTISYMCA DragonsVDiscoveries Mariners 
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Grimsby Borough BallersVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
Healing U11z Futsal AMVSeven Seas 
Sydney ParkVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
Healing U11z Futsal AMVSydney Park 
Holton Le Clay BoysVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
Healing U11z Futsal AMVGrimsby Borough Ballers 
Discoveries MarinersVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
YMCA DragonsVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
Healing U11z Futsal AMVYmca All Stars mp 
Wybers FCVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
Sydney ParkVHolton Le Clay Boys 
Wybers FCVSeven Seas 
YMCA DragonsVHolton Le Clay Boys 
Sydney ParkVWybers FC 
Discoveries MarinersVGrimsby Borough Ballers 
Seven SeasVClee Community 
Wybers FCVYMCA Dragons 
Wybers FCVClee Community 
YMCA DragonsVYmca All Stars mp 
Discoveries MarinersVSydney Park 
Grimsby Borough BallersVSydney Park 
Clee CommunityVYmca All Stars mp 
Discoveries MarinersVSeven Seas 
Clee CommunityVWybers FC 
Wybers FCVYmca All Stars mp 
Clee CommunityVSeven Seas 
YMCA DragonsVWybers FC 
Sydney ParkVYMCA Dragons 
Ymca All Stars mpVHolton Le Clay Boys 
YMCA DragonsVSeven Seas 
Wybers FCVSydney Park 
Seven SeasVWybers FC 
Grimsby Borough BallersVClee Community 
Ymca All Stars mpVGrimsby Borough Ballers 
Wybers FCVHolton Le Clay Boys 
Holton Le Clay BoysVSydney Park 
Discoveries MarinersVYmca All Stars mp 
Seven SeasVHolton Le Clay Boys 
JR Sports U12zVSeven Seas 
Sydney ParkVJR Sports U12z 
JR Sports U12zVWybers FC 
Ymca All Stars mpVJR Sports U12z 
JR Sports U12zVYMCA Dragons 
Clee CommunityVJR Sports U12z 
JR Sports U12zVDiscoveries Mariners 
Grimsby Borough BallersVJR Sports U12z 
Holton Le Clay BoysVJR Sports U12z 
JR Sports U12zVHolton Le Clay Boys 
Healing U11z Futsal AMVJR Sports U12z 
JR Sports U12zVGrimsby Borough Ballers 
Discoveries MarinersVJR Sports U12z 
JR Sports U12zVClee Community 
YMCA DragonsVJR Sports U12z 
JR Sports U12zVYmca All Stars mp 
Wybers FCVJR Sports U12z 
JR Sports U12zVSydney Park 
Seven SeasVJR Sports U12z 
Healing U11z Futsal AMVWybers FC 
Ymca All Stars mpVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
Healing U11z Futsal AMVYMCA Dragons 
Clee CommunityVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
NOVARTISSeven SeasVHealing U11z Futsal AM 
NOVARTISHolton Le Clay BoysVGrimsby Borough Ballers 
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League Administration Rules & Link to for game LAWS

Team First Aid responsibilities

Posted 7/9/17

Re Thursday night U12 league changes/trials

 All please note as a trial for early stages of the league we are putting in three sets of seeds -

 Number 1 seeds Grimsby borough ballers and colts (From A league last year) when they play any team there goals will only count as what they are during game

 Number 2 seeds - when they play number 1 seeds goals will always count double in those games only

 Number 3 seeds when they play number 1 seeds each goal will count as three and when they play number 2 seeds they count as double

 It's to hopefully even out the scores but will be monitored please give it an opportunity to work

 When number 2 seeds play each other or number three seeds play each other there will be no handicaps

 Seed number 2 (x2 goals)

Seven Seas

Clee Community

Wybers FC

Sydney Park

YMCA Dragons

YMCA Matty Payne

Seed Number 3 (x3 goals)

Discoveries Mariners

Holton FC

 If you have any concerns/questions please shout ASAP