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U19 League (Monday)
TeamPWDLFADiff Pts Form
Ballers R Us 871058292922WWWDWWWW
YMCA Spartans84136561413WDWLWWLL
Lad's on Tour531144281610DLWWW
Clee Mariners61051641-253LLWLLL
Athletico Pathletico00000000
Tetney Ultras70072659-330LLLLLLL
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Mon 18th of September 2017YMCA Spartans13V3Tetney Ultras 
Mon 18th of September 2017Ballers R Us 11V2Clee Mariners
Mon 11th of September 2017Lad's on Tour9V9YMCA Spartans
Mon 11th of September 2017Clee Mariners3V10Ballers R Us  
Mon 11th of September 2017Tetney Ultras5V6Lions 
Mon 4th of September 2017Lions8V7CBM
Mon 4th of September 2017Clee Mariners3V2Tetney Ultras
Mon 24th of July 2017Lions7V8YMCA Spartans
Mon 17th of July 2017YMCA Spartans4V6CBM
Mon 17th of July 2017Lions5V0Nibble FC
Mon 17th of July 2017Lions4V4Ballers R Us
Mon 17th of July 2017Lad's on Tour1V6Ballers R Us
Mon 10th of July 2017Ballers R Us 4V3CBM
Mon 10th of July 2017Lions8V2Clee Mariners
Mon 10th of July 2017Nibble FC1V13Lad's on Tour
Mon 3rd of July 2017Nibble FC1V10CBM
Mon 3rd of July 2017Clee Mariners3V5YMCA Spartans
Mon 3rd of July 2017Lad's on Tour8V5Lions
Mon 26th of June 2017CBM7V9Lions
Mon 26th of June 2017Nibble FC4V11Ballers R Us
Mon 26th of June 2017Tetney Ultras7V12YMCA Spartans
Mon 19th of June 2017CBM5V3Clee Mariners 
Mon 19th of June 2017Ballers R Us 8V4Tetney Ultras 
Mon 19th of June 2017YMCA Spartans4V14Lad's on Tour 
Mon 12th of June 2017Futsal Phenom8V2Nibble FC
Mon 12th of June 2017YMCA Spartans10V12Ballers R Us
Mon 12th of June 2017Tetney Ultras4V12Lad's on Tour
Mon 5th of June 2017CBM5V1Tetney Ultras
Mon 5th of June 2017Ballers R Us 3V2Lions
Mon 5th of June 2017Clee Mariners9V1Nibble FC
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Mon 25th of September 20176:00 PMYMCA Tetney UltrasVBallers R Us  
Mon 25th of September 20176:35 PMYMCA Clee MarinersVLad's on Tour 
Mon 25th of September 20177:15 PMYMCA CBMVYMCA Spartans 
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Tetney UltrasVNibble FC 
TO SCHEDULEBallers R Us VLad's on Tour
Clee MarinersVLions 
CBMVNibble FC 
Nibble FCVTetney Ultras 
Lad's on TourVClee Mariners 
CBMVLad's on Tour 
Nibble FCVLions 
LionsVTetney Ultras 
Lad's on TourVNibble FC 
Tetney UltrasVClee Mariners 
CBMVBallers R Us  
Lad's on TourVTetney Ultras 
Clee MarinersVCBM 
Tetney UltrasVCBM 
Nibble FCVClee Mariners 
YMCA YMCA SpartansVNibble FC 
Nibble FCVYMCA Spartans 
YMCA SpartansVLions 
Ballers R Us VYMCA Spartans 
YMCA SpartansVClee Mariners 
Tetney UltrasVFutsal Phenom 
CBMVFutsal Phenom 
Futsal PhenomVClee Mariners 
Ballers R Us VFutsal Phenom 
Futsal PhenomVLad's on Tour 
LionsVFutsal Phenom 
Futsal PhenomVLions 
Lad's on TourVFutsal Phenom 
Futsal PhenomVBallers R Us  
Clee MarinersVFutsal Phenom 
Futsal PhenomVCBM 
YMCA SpartansVFutsal Phenom 
Futsal PhenomVTetney Ultras 
Nibble FCVFutsal Phenom 
YMCA LionsVLad's on Tour 
YMCA Ballers R Us VNibble FC 
YMCA Futsal PhenomVYMCA Spartans 
YMCA Lad's on TourVCBM 
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