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TeamPWDLFADiff Pts Form
Me2 All Stars1100181173W
Bradley FC11009633W
Franklin College11007523W
Peoples Bar00000000
Ym All Stars100169-30L
Waltham United2002824-160LL
Potential FC1001118-170L
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Wed 13th of September 2017Waltham United3V17Payzone
Player of the Match: Player of the Match: Andrew Ratchford (Payzone)
Wed 13th of September 2017Bradley FC9V6Ym All Stars
Player of the Match: Player of the Match: Dale (Bradley)
Wed 13th of September 2017Me2 All Stars18V1Potential FC
Player of the Match: Player of the Match: Cowie (Me2)
Wed 6th of September 2017Potential FC5V0unused MTFC
Wed 6th of September 2017Franklin College7V5Waltham United
Player of the Match: Player of the Match: Rob Cowie loanee Waltham
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Wed 20th of September 20177:00 PMYMCA Ym All StarsVPotential FC 
Wed 20th of September 20177:50 PMYMCA Bradley FCVFranklin College 
Wed 20th of September 20178:35 PMYMCA PayzoneVPeoples Bar 
Wed 27th of September 2017YMCA Ym All StarsVPayzone 
Wed 27th of September 2017YMCA Me2 All StarsVBradley FC 
Wed 27th of September 2017YMCA Waltham UnitedVPeoples Bar 
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unused MTFCVPayzone 
YMCA Waltham UnitedVMe2 All Stars 
Franklin CollegeVYm All Stars 
unused MTFCVWaltham United 
PayzoneVPotential FC 
Bradley FCVunused MTFC 
Franklin CollegeVMe2 All Stars 
Me2 All StarsVYm All Stars 
unused MTFCVFranklin College 
PayzoneVBradley FC 
Potential FCVWaltham United 
Ym All StarsVWaltham United 
Bradley FCVPotential FC 
Franklin CollegeVPayzone 
Me2 All StarsVunused MTFC 
unused MTFCVYm All Stars 
PayzoneVMe2 All Stars 
Potential FCVFranklin College 
Waltham UnitedVBradley FC 
Ym All StarsVunused MTFC 
Me2 All StarsVPayzone 
Franklin CollegeVPotential FC 
Bradley FCVWaltham United 
Waltham UnitedVYm All Stars 
Potential FCVBradley FC 
PayzoneVFranklin College 
unused MTFCVMe2 All Stars 
Ym All StarsVMe2 All Stars 
Franklin CollegeVunused MTFC 
Bradley FCVPayzone 
Waltham UnitedVPotential FC 
Potential FCVYm All Stars 
PayzoneVWaltham United 
unused MTFCVBradley FC 
Me2 All StarsVFranklin College 
Ym All StarsVFranklin College 
Bradley FCVMe2 All Stars 
Waltham UnitedVunused MTFC 
Potential FCVPayzone 
PayzoneVYm All Stars 
unused MTFCVPotential FC 
Me2 All StarsVWaltham United 
Franklin CollegeVBradley FC 
Ym All StarsVBradley FC 
Waltham UnitedVFranklin College 
Potential FCVMe2 All Stars 
PayzoneVunused MTFC 
Peoples BarVPotential FC 
Peoples BarVYm All Stars 
Bradley FCVPeoples Bar 
TO SCHEDULEPeoples BarVFranklin College 
Me2 All StarsVPeoples Bar 
Peoples BarVunused MTFC 
unused MTFCVPeoples Bar 
Peoples BarVMe2 All Stars 
Franklin CollegeVPeoples Bar 
Peoples BarVBradley FC 
Ym All StarsVPeoples Bar 
Peoples BarVWaltham United 
Potential FCVPeoples Bar 
Peoples BarVPayzone 
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