Week 1 of new Under 18s League

Clee Mariners 9 Nibble FC 1

Mariners had just too much experience for newcomers. Whenever keeper had ball Mariners was able to make pitch bigger than opposition who just did not use full width and length of court. Look at YouTube lads, all the tactical answers are on there. Putting them into practice is the hard part.

Lions 2 Cody All Stars 3

Late Lions rally flattered score line. First five minutes I would have put money on Lions to win, then, after conceding a goal, play fell of tracks for long period.

First time I have seen Cody team play futsal rather than a hybrid futsal/five-a- side. With substitutes to give on court players a break they will challenge for title.

Tetney 1 CBM 5

CBM all game knowledge to much for spirited opposition.

Tetney team major flaw is one that team just will not address, as a group they, to me, are not playing to team strengthens. If you have fast mobile players utilise them, don’t get involved in a physical battle that are not to your advantage.