Premier League – Peoples Bar edge thriller


Me2 5 Peoples Bar 6

Key to the was Me2 having to match pace set by Peoples Bar, who knew Me2 had no substitute to allow players to conserve energy.

Futsal at times was exceptional. At worst it was impressive.

Yellow cards, a red, more action than in any 90 minute match at Blundell Park.

Game had it all and more.

Payzone 25 Matty Payne Futsal 5

Fingers crossed Matty Payne is back next week to restore his teams prestige that has taken a hammering past weeks.

Replacing 2 lads stuck on a coach returning from Sheffield with two players from the ‘oldies’ futsal session the hour previouse was a necessary plan ‘B’ thrown at me 30 minutes before kickoff. Fact they lasted game without respiratory assistance was a bonus.


Apologies to Payzone that they did not get competitive match their play warranted.