Premier League, Franklin stay top after great win

Team Willow in control

What a night’s football. The match was absolutely electric. There might have only been one but the quality and enthusiasm was tremendous from everyone. Bradley suffered from not having the extra player for change so ran out of steam towards the end of the second period. If it were not for poacher Brown in the first with 4 goals it might have been different. Three matches every Wednesday would be like running a marathon every week.

John Drew’s joint Man of Match was Dave Smith (Bradley FC) for outright effort and Dan Brown (Franklin) for goal poacher (4) in 1st period

As second referee I was looking at main referee JD and thinking – ‘John blow for time, someone is going to crash out.’ Such was the energy been expended by both teams.

The current group of teams are playing outstanding futsal, highlighted last week a five aside team tried their luck. Good players but they were destroyed without trace.