Lions u18s maul CBM

Lions 2016

Lions 7 CBM 4

Game of the night. Both teams played some exceptional phases
of play, at end of game it boiled down to fact CBM had tried to win game with
bare five players, Lions with seven exploited situation to their advantage.
Regular breaks meant that final stages of game were dominated by Lions who are
recovering form after a long slumber.

Savage blow to CBM title challenge.

Tetney 4 Futsal
Phenom 2

Tetney continue to pick up points in basement battle games.
Ragged passing by both teams reduced match to a niggling game best forgotten.

A futsal player must know where the next pass is going
before the ball has arrived,
anything less gives the defender an opportunity.

Both teams need to study defending as an art form more than
just a physical battle.

Regretfully three players suspended for two weeks after silly pushing incident at end of game. Players can appeal.

Cody All Stars 5 Clee
Mariners 2

Cody All Stars can pass the ball with the best of teams;
once players get ‘futsal’ passing pictures in their heads team will take some

Mariners always give their all, this was no exception. Level
at break, in the game at 1-2, recovering to 2-4 and then late goal that does
not reflect their part in a very good game.

Don’t know how they do it but everyone who plays in Mariners
goal plays a blinder.