Grimsby Diamonds rock Class on Grass

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Class on Grass 6 Grimsby Diamonds 11

As match referee I was certainly kept working full 30 minutes with 17 goals and 14 fouls to record.

Lots of the fouls’ was for obstructions and infringements that needed to be dealt with. Couple of bad tackles but for such a high foul count nothing to give great concern.

Why so many goals, I think because both team had their strongest players at the front end of the team, which meant both teams had their least physical players marking opposition strongest players.

First half ended 6-5 with neither team managing to open up more than a single goal lead.

Second half that changed when Diamonds went 7-5; CoG kept close till 9-6 when game ran away from them.

Impressive individual performances from every player, not a game for feint hearted.

Clee Town u14s 2 FC Discoveries Wilton Cobley 3

Result was in doubt right to last whistle.

Discoveries went 1-0 and then we had one of those goals that go viral, Clee player was on floor, legs outstretched, with ball between his knees. I have whistle in hand anticipating a foul or need to re start game with a ‘drop ball’. Player spins 360 degrees on floor and on the spin puts ball in back of net. Bizarre goal. 1-1. Half time and Discoveries have regained lead 2-1.

An early Discoveries goal opened up a two goal gap that Clee reduced but could not level despite great tactical efforts.

This team have only being playing futsal for a short period and yet are already unrecognisable from teams that started. When they played early games it was just 5 aside, not any more, players are asking me tactical questions, looking to squeeze more out of each game.

AFC Great Coates 5 Great Coates Futsala 5

Great Coates local derby kept sent everyone home happy after compelling 5 all draw.

Several newer players in both squads, interesting watching as these players adapted to new challenges futsal throws up.