Games go Lions way. Loyalty. Dan Mawer futsal referee, Holton Le Clay love affair with YMCA and more……..Kev Bryant Blog

Dan Mawer left

Dan Mawer left

Great week for year 8/9 league leaders Lions; not only did they beat YMCA Spartans but their closest rivals drew with each other.

Holton Le Clay from same league have inconsistent form at Novartis, bring them into the indoor warmth of YMCA and they are a different team. Their 11-8 win against Greenland’s was a brilliant game, end to end brilliant inventive passing and finishing.  Whole league just keeps raising the crossbar.

The YMCA Monday early evening league is in need of teams, last league had seven but this has dropped to 4. Three teams have dropped out, one through school exams having to take priority, a second players opting for other sports and finally Grimsby Town not wanting their players participating with National League games on a Wednesday. All Understandable reasons. That said there must be more than 4 teams out there wanting to play, if you know of any please pass contact number 07980286663 on please. Free taster game for new team; players need to be school year 12/13 (equivalent)

Pleased to hear that Dan Mawer was Senior referee for FA National League Division Two match between Leeds & Nottingham. Step by step Dan is moving up the futsal refereeing ladder; the authorities that are most rate him as he is still a student at Leeds University. Great for the Novartis under tens that every few weeks they get such a high profile referee to control their matches.

New junior under 8/9 league is making progress, now up to seven teams. Maybe it’s the potential of such a young age, but teams are improving week on week far quicker than I would have anticipated.

Occasionally teams are forced to postpone to unforeseen circumstances, so often when I try to accommodate a team it has an unplanned negative knock on effect to another team who originally it had nothing to do with.  An example this week was losing the third game at Second Avenue, told opponents – sorted. Brought fourth game forward one slot. Text went out; one team never received text – game lost and team that turned up inconvenienced.  Point of this story – please make sure I have more than one contact number for your team.