A Coaching Mystery?

Past two weeks the YMCA under 13 team I manage from the touchline has grown up. The team is playing 50% better past two games than they have ever played before. Why this massive improvement?

I’m mystified. We have no training sessions, we just meet up for the game.

What have I said or done that’s different?

  • Just lately I’ve been advising them to watch and observe the big games that are on You Tube. Watch what the best players are doing, how do they defend, what do they do in possession, watch an individual player and observe his ‘rotations’.
  • Observe how many goals are scored at the ‘back post’ or by a toe poke.
  • I recall asking them to talk to each other and have corner kick tactics.

I have triggered something by asking them not just to watch futsal games, but to watch and observe at the time?

Take the one item of the goal scored by toe poking the ball, am I the wrong person to tell them to do it? When they see the world’s best players scoring sensational goals ‘toe poking’ they know it’s right.

Kevin Bryant

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