League Management Rules and General Information

 League Management Rules and General Information

Last updated 01/09/2017

  • First aid. Team must treat own player injuries.

Always have a first aid bag with you. If injury is more serious than you are qualified to deal with seek further assistance.

  • Teams (through league) are affiliated to Lincolnshire Football Association Ltd.
  • This league will deal with discipline etc to a level, after which point it becomes responsibility of LFA.
  • Serious indiscipline (meaning a likely fine of £35 and a playing ban) will be dealt with by LFA
  • Disputes will be referred to a three person League Committee; appeals will be dealt with by LFA. Be mindful LFA will require a deposit to consider claim.
  • Junior futsal teams must register with an adult in charge.
  • Teams must register their players.
  • Note YMCA venues rule of letting insist an adult must be present at all junior matches, one adult for both teams will suffice. Players and people with them must sign in (and out) at reception desk.
  • Leagues play throughout year. Leagues take an August break, Christmas break, do not play Bank Holidays and are mindful of Half Terms etc.
  • Junior leagues change title on 31st An under 10’s league will become an u11’s league matching school calendar.
  • Teams must not accept fixtures from other leagues on dates they are committed to futsal. Teams are reminded to keep other leagues and their club secretaries posted of this commitment.
  • All fixtures are scheduled by League, the League requires seven days notice that team cannot play. Cancelled games must be paid for as facilities are pre booked months in advance.

Kevin Bryant organiser Grimsby Futsal League




01472 235704



Grimsby Senior Futsal League; Grimsby Junior Futsal League; Kevin Bryant Sports Coach

Twitter grimsby_futsal


Administration Rules

Management of competition

The competition shall be called Grimsby Futsal League.

Any rule change must be sanctioned by LFA

The competition shall be governed in accordance with the rules and regulation of the English Football Association.

Fifa Laws for futsal will apply will small local changes to accommodate local facilities.

The Lincolnshire FA will sanction the competition.

All teams, players and other persons will be subject to the Rules and regulations of above association.

Affiliation of participating teams

All Teams will be affiliated to the Lincolnshire FA through the competition.

Teams eligibility to enter, fees and responsibilities

Match fees are at time of press seniors £24, juniors £15. Match fees may be altered at start of any competition. Teams will be advised first. The home team pays the referees fee from their match fee.

7 days notice must be given to postpone a match. Fine (payable by Team manager/secretary.  Seniors £30 Juniors £20.

£50 if team leaves league without completing fixtures, plus un-played match fees and outstanding match fees.

Teams with outstanding balances will be excluded from cup competitions.

Committee and powers

The competition is under sole governance of Kevin Bryant.

In the case of disagreement or an appeal a committee of three experienced FA qualified personal will make an independent judgement.

Subsequent appeals will be dealt with by LFA. Complainants will need to deposit a significant deposit.

Copies of rules

All clubs will be emailed updated copies of rules. To request a copy email info@futsal.org.uk

Rules will be electronically available at grimsbyfutsal.co.uk

Team colours

Teams must wear matching kit. Goal keepers must wear kit that does not clash with opposition or match referee.

Players must wear shin guards

A player will be excluded from play without them

Arrangement of competition

As per rules submitted.

Teams are committed to play on the day allotted to their league (this is usually included in leagues title). This rule will not apply when for example a Tuesday team is drawn against a Wednesday team.

Referee commitment

Referees will return a match report and scores to League Organiser same evening as matches played.

The Home team pays referee. In event of cancellation referee must collect fees from team causing cancellation and not the league.

Protests and complaints

All protest should be directed to Kevin Bryant within 48 hours of said incident. If not resolved at Organiser level complaint/incident will be put to a committee. The committee will not adjudicate on matters relating to pitch dimensions, appurtenances, unless logged with referee before kickoff.


An appeal against a decision of the committee must be posted to LFA within 14 days of notification of committee. Appeal fee £45 (2014).


To be dealt with in accordance with FA procedures

Team names

A team must not enter a competition in the name of another team or club without their permission.

Team names must be respectful.

Prize vouchers

Winning teams will receive a prize voucher to redeem at Pro Active sports. Voucher values will vary depending on tournament size and games played. A league with 8+ teams will receive a £100 voucher, 6+ £75; 4+ £50.

Trophies will be presented if teams prefer.

Vouchers must be redeemed within two months of issue.


Win = 3 points                     Draw = 1point


Teams’ level on points:

League position to be decided by best goal difference, most goals scored, and least conceded, the head-to-head record between the two teams and if still level a play-off match to be held.


League position decided by points, if teams’ are level a playoff game will decide.

If that game a draw teams will take penalties.

5 players must be nominated by each team; they do not have to be the 5 players on pitch at end of game. Normal penalty sequence continues.


5-0 as per FIFA rules.



No transfers are allowed during a league or cup competition.

Loan Player (s) Rule

A team may use 2 loan players in a match with following conditions:

  1. Opposing manager is given notice before kick off
  2. Both team managers confirm with referee before game
  • If opposition team has 6 players then opponents may only use loan player (s) to bring team tally to 5

(Opposition can agree game is played 6 vs. 6 if they choose)

  • A loan player can play no more than twice for same team during a competition
  • If in any doubt contact League Organiser before match commences

Page 18 – The FA Small Sided Football Award Scheme Guide


The following amendments to The FA’s discipline process for Small Sided Football were agreed at The FA’s Council Meeting in March 2004 for introduction in July 2004.

  1. The introduction of temporary timed expulsion or sin bins for offences that would be consider to be actionable in eleven-a-side.
  2. 2. Confirmation that the County FA should only be notified of serious offences. These are identified as those that would normally carry a suspension of 35 days and above, such as kicking or striking another player, use of offensive or insulting or abusive language or gestures directed at match officials, spitting, head butting or assault.
  3. 3. Offences beneath the level of 35 days will be the responsibility of the organiser to deal with employing a recommended suspension tariff provided by The FA.
  4. 4. In Small Sided Football the liability to pay a fine should solely apply to the player rather than the team he / she plays for. 5. County FA’s shall not sanction Small Sided Football competitions without evidence that a robust and demonstrable discipline process is in place 6. Organisers need to introduce simple team sheets for all competitive matches so that the identity of participating players can be recorded and referred to in the event of a disciplinary incident. It is hoped that these changes better reflect the discipline requirements of Small Sided Football but at the same time extend measures to ensure that the game takes place in a safe environment for players and officials.