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Payzone go top of Premier League for first time

Franklin captain.










Games played does not work in Payzone favour, that said they beat Peoples Bar last match and with Peoples Bar next up against Franklin College, they are in mix. A Peoples Bar/ Franklin draw would suit Payzone fine.

Payzone 8 5 0 3 90 50 40 15 WWWWLLWL
Peoples Bar 7 5 0 2 71 38 33 15 LWWWLWW
Franklin College 5 5 0 0 51 20 31 15 WWWWW

Tranmere Rovers and The Futsal Shop are delighted to present an exclusive Futsal coaching workshop with former FC Barcelona manager Marc Carmona on May 13/14.

Carmona is one of Europe’s top coaches, having won the UEFA Champions’ League twice in four years, finishing runners-up and 3rd place in the other two years.

He made FC Barcelona into the leaders in World futsal, winning three consecutive domestic trebles before handing the reigns to current manager Andreu Plaza.

Carmona still works at FC Barcelona in the new “La Masia 360” project, which was launched this season and aims to give all academy players, not just those living in La Masia, the support and training that FC Barcelona is famous for.

Carmona will deliver on subjects such as methodology and planning relevant to your club and situation, developing a winning team, tactics and with the floor open for coaches to submit questions in advance.

There will be a limited number of places available at a cost of £90 for the two days which includes the coaching workshop plus food and drink at lunch time. Day passes are also available for £50.

Carmona will be supported by experienced goalkeeper coach, Rui Fernandes and the only British UEFA A futsal coach and manager of Tranmere Rovers, Damon Shaw.

Damon Shaw said, “It’s an absolute pleasure to be bringing two coaches and friends to Tranmere Rovers. Both Marc and Rui have had a massive influence on my career over the last ten years and I want to pass on the opportunities and experiences I’ve had by holding this Masterclass.

“English futsal needs more events like this and to get one of the best coaches in the world to come to help us develop coaches represents a fantastic opportunity for anybody with the futsal bug.”

Tickets are available from and Book yours now to avoid disappointment!

A question I keep getting asked – ‘can you shoulder barge at futsal?’

Grimsby referee Gavin Sartain in action.
want to referee futsal?
07980 286663 for details

This question probably arises from fact I was brought being taught as a referee that you could not barge. Re-visiting the game Laws I am still of the same opinion that barging should be penalised, my interpretation is that shoulder to shoulder contact is o.k. Barging to me is when excessive force is used by one player. Every Law ends with that catch all phrase ‘in the opinion of the referee.’

Fouls copied from

Fouls are penalised with a direct free kick, penalty kick or indirect free kick.

Fouls penalised with a direct free kick

A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the referees to be careless, reckless or using excessive force:

  • Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
  • Trips an opponent
  • Jumps at an opponent
  • Charges an opponent
  • Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
  • Pushes an opponent
  • Tackles an opponent

A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following three offences:

  • Holds an opponent
  • Spits at an opponent
  • Handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area) A direct free kick is taken from the place where the offence occurred (see Law 13 – Position of free kick). The above offences are accumulated fouls.



Under 18s league closing in on a dramatic finish, any one of GY Giants; Ym Spartans & CBM could win with two games left.

Clee Mariners 5 Ym Spartans 7

Result only tells half the story, two of the Spartans players that had confirmed to play failed to make venue. Both cases were avoidable, nothing more than bad planning.

Many players have obtained jobs helped by job references I have been only too happy to supply, should the missing two ask does 99% reliable does look as good as totally reliable?

Back to the game, Spartans four players started 4 vs. 5. Mariners had offered to play 4 vs. 4 but Spartans said the fact they only had four was their fault and they was prepared to play 4 vs. 5 as a consequence.

Mariners quickly opened a 3-0 lead, at which point they went to 4 vs. 4. A most sporting gesture on teams’ part. A gesture that allowed Spartans to claw back to 3-3.

Spartans managed to get a fifth player, thanks to an SOS call, allowing both teams to play 5 vs.5 second period.

With the score level at 5-5 Spartans took the lead for first time, followed by two more to consolidate win. Overall a very enjoyable game with some great passing and shot stopping played in commendably good spirit.

Tetney Ultras 2 Coby All Stars 4

Due to tenacious defending by both teams the game never got going as a futsal spectacle. Tetney opened scoring and added a second with a ‘free ten meter shot’after All Stars had conceded a fourth foul. 2-0 at break. The All Stars rectified matters after break, levelling to 2-2 and then winning game in last few minutes, Tetney walking on ice as they had used their allotted fouls.

CBM 4 Gy Giants 3

CBM opened a 2-0 lead even though Giants had looked stronger in opening exchanges. Giants pulled a goal back (2-1) levelled to 2-2 after break and then to 3-3. Clock was running out when CBM scored the goal that keeps right on Giants tales at top of table.

High standard game technically and tactically.

Discoveries Flyers take U11z Division 2 title on final game of season

Discoveries Flyers u11z
Division 2 Champions

The season finished a two horse race between Matty Wong’s Borough newcomers and the longer established Flyers. After 18 games only one point separated the teams. Borough managed to score one goal more than the Flyers over the season, whilst Flyers managed to concede 5 less goals than their challengers. Illustrating how close both teams have been.

In the final game Flyers needed to beat Chris Francis’s GCW Borough team to take title.

Flyers parents capture the moment

Unbelievably the first game was abandoned as a pipe burst under court. The second game Flyers  got off to a ‘flyer;’ opening up an early 3-0 lead that was always to much for the younger newcomers to pull back. In fact they did well to stem Flyers who could, against lesser opposition, run riot.

Flyers have received a £100 voucher to spent as they wish at Pro Active Sports.

Flyers finger tips prevent Borough goal

Faces tell a story


Poised to strike

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Futsal is set to break America this summer with a two-day tournament in New York taking centre stage

International Futsal Cup 2017


Some of the biggest names of Premier League yesteryears will take part as four star-studded teams complete in the International Futsal Cup.

All four teams will feature multiple world-renowned soccer stars, blended with North American ballers.

Ex-Liverpool strikers Michael Owen and Fernando Morientes are among the confirmed participants so far, joined on the list by former Manchester United goal machine Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Marc Overmars, who won domestic double with Arsenal in 1998, will also be involved, but the headline acts are arguably the boys from Brazil…

Futsal is the perfect platform for Ronaldinho Gaucho (pictured above) to flaunt his famous skills, while sharp-shooting left-back Roberto Carlos will fancy his chances of hitting the net a few times in a sport which averages an attempt on goal every 43 seconds.

Global icons Ronaldinho and Carlos will likely steal much of the attention from fans, but fellow Brazilian Falcao could prove to be the main man when the action gets underway.

Falcao – not to be mistaken with the Colombia and AS Monaco striker who shares his name – recently called time on a glittering Brazil career which saw him score well over 300 international futsal goals.

The tournament format is simple, with two semi-finals taking place on Saturday, June 26, before a third-place playoff and the showpiece event on the Sunday.

All four matches will be streamed online, but fans who attend in person will have the chance to meet the players as event organisers CG Sports Management are keen to put on a highly interactive spectacle.

Lions u18s maul CBM

Lions 2016

Lions 7 CBM 4

Game of the night. Both teams played some exceptional phases
of play, at end of game it boiled down to fact CBM had tried to win game with
bare five players, Lions with seven exploited situation to their advantage.
Regular breaks meant that final stages of game were dominated by Lions who are
recovering form after a long slumber.

Savage blow to CBM title challenge.

Tetney 4 Futsal
Phenom 2

Tetney continue to pick up points in basement battle games.
Ragged passing by both teams reduced match to a niggling game best forgotten.

A futsal player must know where the next pass is going
before the ball has arrived,
anything less gives the defender an opportunity.

Both teams need to study defending as an art form more than
just a physical battle.

Regretfully three players suspended for two weeks after silly pushing incident at end of game. Players can appeal.

Cody All Stars 5 Clee
Mariners 2

Cody All Stars can pass the ball with the best of teams;
once players get ‘futsal’ passing pictures in their heads team will take some

Mariners always give their all, this was no exception. Level
at break, in the game at 1-2, recovering to 2-4 and then late goal that does
not reflect their part in a very good game.

Don’t know how they do it but everyone who plays in Mariners
goal plays a blinder.

Meglio finish U13 League with 100% record, just missing out on a 100+ goal difference!

Grimsby Town futsal head coach Mark Westerby explains tactics to team Meglio

Team P W D L F A Diff Pts Form
Meglio United 18 18 0 0 150 55 95 54 WWWWWWWW
Grimsby Eagles (n) 18 11 3 4 100 70 30 36 WWDWLLWW
YMCA Galacticos 18 9 2 7 99 79 20 29 DLDWWWWW
Futsal All Stars 18 6 4 8 81 92 -11 22 WDWLWLWL
Healing FC (Healing) 18 3 7 8 42 65 -23 16 LLDDDWLW
YMCA Athletico 18 4 2 12 59 124 -65 14 LLWLLLLL
Discoveries Warriors U13 18 2 2 14 43 89 -46 8 WLDLLLLL