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Agony of a Senior League manager at wrong end of table


Can you win and lose at same time?

Wednesday my Corinthians team, they play in the Wednesday Senior League, was culled of players due to illness and half term school holiday, my school teacher player need a sunny sabbatical.

Call after call and with kick off closing in I managed a team, even luxury of a substitute. Not a team that could beat Me2, a team that are in devastating form, a team that have played as a unit for ten years. Marshalled by Benji, a Belgium player who owns the ball when he’s on court, surrounded by team mates that have mastered the art of defence. Me2 hate conceding a goal more than they enjoy scoring a goal.

Need to stick to coaching the kids

Coach Kevin Bryant guides youngsters on the Futsal training session at the YMCA in Grimsby.
PICTURE: Rick Byrne / Grimsby Telegraph

MY rag tag team can’t contest such opposition; but what we could do is set a target that we considered achievable. In this case I decided keeping Me2 below ten scored and maybe a couple scored by Corinthians was an achievable target.

9-2. Team achieved its goal and opposition ended game covered in sweat. Target achieved!

The long term goal for Corinthians is to catch Me2; Franklin; Payzone and Bradley. For now that defeat was a step in that direction.

I am I right or should I accept every defeat as a kick in the teeth and lose sleep over it?

Under 10/11 2018/19 Final Placing & Team Précis. Credit to all teams that are taking local futsal to new levels.

Champions League P W D L F A DIFF  PTS  FORM
Boro Colts U11z 10 7 2 1 47 24 23 23 DWWWWLWDWW
Immingham Pilgrims U11 (JL) 10 6 1 3 58 40 18 19 WWWWWWLLDL
Wybers Juniors U10z 10 6 1 3 45 34 11 19 DWLWWLWWLW
Healing U11 Hotspur RED (DJ) 10 4 1 5 47 45 2 13 WLLLWLLDWW
Immingham Pilgrims U10 (CH) 10 3 1 6 32 43 -11 10 LLLWLLWWDL
NTC 10 1 0 9 27 70 -43 3 LLLLLLWLLL
  • Immingham Pilgrims (jl) scored 5.8 goals per game
  • Borough Colts only conceded 2.4 goals per game
  • Wybers was top placed u10 team
  • Healing scored almost as they conceded
  • NTC scored almost 3 a game but have a defensive hole to plug
  • Immingham (ch) can score but losing points defensive fragility
FC Synerjy U11z 10 9 0 1 65 25 40 27 WWWWWWWLWW
Healing Hotspurs U11 BLUE (DJ) 10 6 2 2 44 31 13 20 WLWWLDWWWD
Haverstoe Hotspurs U10z 10 6 2 2 35 30 5 20 DWLWWWLWWD
Wybers Girls 10 2 3 5 33 35 -2 9 DLLLDDWLLW
Discoveries Mariners U10z 10 1 2 7 20 43 -23 5 DLWLDLLLLL
Keelby United U10z 10 1 1 8 27 60 -33 4 LDLLLLLWLL


  • Synergy from a team that could not buy a goal to averaging 6 a game
  • Healing Blues second top scorers with third best defence
  • Haverstoe 6 wins and +5 goal difference
  • Wybers Girls on goals scored and conceded just behind Haverstoe. That slight difference lost girls 11 points on Haverstoe.
  • Discoveries & Keelby conceding to many, that said they are playing older teams in 50% of their matches

Final call U10 & U11 teams to join Grimsby Junior Futsal League – 17! teams entered already – Please share

Will futsal benefit your players to play grass football, yes, UEFA studies show a clear link between futsal and elite world class footballers.

The game offers everything a coach would seek to coach. With just 4 outfield players they have done succeed or fail by their efforts to pass and move, to man mark, to create space for themselves and the team, to dribble and to defend. All this in a tactical framework. Sounds a lot but is how 90% of youngsters train in Spain and South America, Russia – Iran. Think of a country and they play futsal.

Match fee is £15 per game. No goals to put up, no balls to supply, 99% of our matches have a qualified referee. Teams are presently split into two divisions; Champions League and Europe League.

Most importantly Futsal is Fun.

Kevin Bryant 07980286663

Wednesday Premier League teams deliver a futsal fiesta with big 3 – Franklin; Bradley & Me2 taking maximum points

Bradley 7 Corinthians 6

Dave Smith MOM with finishes that would not be out of place in Premier League. Corinthians was on back foot whenever he had the ball. Had Corinthians finishing been on same level they would have won game. Rattling the post is not same as the ball in the back of net.

Just one foul in forty minute match.

Near missFranklin 10 Payzone 4

What a game. Early stages I could only see Payzone winning, their use of Flyer keeper was causing Franklin major problems.

After a rocky start and twice being a goal behind Franklin showed real class in getting a goal in front and strangling the game.

Both keepers were exceptional whilst the outfield play was at a level you would not expect to see in a small YMCA sports hall.

Me Two 22 AJ’s Barmy Army 3

Scintillating performance from Me2 with their well drilled and practised fast pace cross pitch passing attack! AJ’s were resilient and kept trying but need to learn possession and defensive line-up are key elements to good Futsal especially against a predatory Me2 team.

AJ’s lead 2-1 after five minutes, Me2 barrage of goals came close to the end.

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Breaking News – Alex Lait signs for Sheffield FC Futsal Club

Grimsby Town Scholarship goalkeeper Alex Lait pushing boundaries by signing for Sheffield FC Futsal team that currently play FA National League Division 2. Great move for Alex to play for a club that takes its futsal very seriously. Every corner, every move has a set play and consequence.

Couple seasons ago Sheffield was National champions, with recent signings they are moving back in that direction.

Sheffield FC are worlds oldest football club.

Healing snatch Under 15 League in a bizarre season that has still one week to play

Healing Hotspurs eleven a-side team; the same players make up their futsal squad

Disappointingly Grimsby Town Scholarship opened an under 16 tournament same night as the Grimsby Futsal League. Two teams from GFL u15s league migrated mid season to the GTFC League. Meglio paid their dues and left, Grimsby Phoenix did not pay the outstanding dues; they just upped and went; from my angle shocking bad manners. The Grimsby Futsal League has played for twenty years, during that time I have never done anything that would conflict with another established football or futsal league.


Healing Hotspur FC 

16 12 0 4 65 52 13 36 WWWWLWWLLWWW
Futsal All Stars 15 9 3 3 89 53 36 30 LLWDDWWLWDWW
Galacticos 15 9 2 4 95 59 36 29 WDWWWLLLWDLW
Gy Boro Utd mw 15 8 0 7 79 64 15 24 WWLLWLWWLLWL
Clee Town Reds 15 8 0 7 69 70 -1 24 LWWWLWWLWWLL
Meglio United 16 7 1 8 51 51 0 22 LLLLDLWWWLWW
Healing FC (Laceby) 15 4 3 8 61 61 0 15 LDLLDWLDWLLW
Gy Boro Utd nb 15 4 3 8 40 59 -19 15 DDLWWDLLWLWL
Clee Town Blue 16 2 0 14 37 117 -80 6 LLLLWLLLWLLL

The demise of Meglio and Phoenix opened the league into a whole new contest; mid table Healing grasped their opportunity, week by week gaining points on Galacticos and Futsal All Stars and with two games to play sat top of table. Six wins in last seven games tells its own story. Futsal All Stars run was damaged by player availability. Galacticos had a great run in but was damaged by one win in six mid season.

Grimsby Borough United had a win and a loss season; hampered by not having a regular keeper. Clee Town Reds had a great season; and could yet finish third, if they can win last game. The bottom two teams both made admirable contributions to the league, both closing gap on opposition in later matches. The games between the two teams were a pleasure to referee.

The under 15s was only league to trial the ‘FA Power Play’ rule. I have spoken to all teams; in every conversation I was told ‘it had benefited matches’.

The follow on league will be an Under 16’s League to bring competition into line with FA Futsal Youth Cup.