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The type of match report I love to receive……..

Gy Diamonds

Grimsby Diamonds 4 Clee Madrid 3

Player of the Match: Could Only Be BOTH Teams

This was without doubt worth the highest praise for sportsmanship and GFLeague Futsal. Both teams from start to finish played their hearts out. Diamonds did win the first half 3 – 1 with some of their trademark play. But the second was set alive by Madrid coming out quickly, battering Diamonds in the process, to score two to draw level 3 – 3. However, what came next epitomised the standards these two teams have been trained to do and the exchange was electric. But Diamonds found a last gasp from somewhere for Dan to break away and fire across goal hard and low to score their winner leaving Diamonds still unbeaten. In any other match there would have perhaps been an obvious man of the match; but both mangers post match agreed that both teams had to at least share this accolade.

Referee JD

Are Grimsby League teams teaching players how to defend correctly? From a referees perspective my answer is No. What might manager/coaches do better?

Italy in futsal actionFrom my viewpoint as a referee and a coach of many years experience poor defending is a facet of play many of our teams need to address. Just how much time are teams spending on 1v1 defending? The FA looked at their own FA Coaches Association exhibition drills, drills performed over many years; only 20% was defencive drills.

Last two weeks I have had three teams concede free 10 meter free shots at goal because of accumulated fouls, worse still I have red carded two junior players after giving them two yellows for fouls that was easily avoidable.

Take a look at attached video, the maker was making a video to illustrate player movement and strategy with the ball. Watch the video twice, once concentrating on the attackers and then homing on the defenders. They are not charging in to make early physical contact; they are patient – organised – poised to counter attack when opportunity arises. They are not risking loading the foul count, they are organised as a unit to counter every attacking threat thrown at them. They are composed not aggressive.

An associate of mine has just spent six years goalkeeper coaching in France. He says both teams he worked for had a ‘no ball’ session every fourth week. This allowed them to talk, demonstrate and analyse with players individually and as a group. Should we be doing similar?

Defending is an art, let’s make it that way for our teams.

Monday Night Under 10/11z Champions League teams deliver a futsal treat

Grimsby Borough ‘bm’
November 2018

Grimsby Borough ‘bm’ 6 – NTC 3

I have refereed NTC many times and don’t think I have seen them lose. There was no doubt about the winners in this game, Borough led from start to finish. That said game was close until two thirds way through, at which point Borough went from 4-3 to 6-3. Borough had set an early marker making a quick 2-0 start, NTC pulled back a goal to 2-1 but at no time in game was they level, they was always chasing.

It was a credit to NTC that they stayed close for so long because Borough passing game was at a level expected of older players. I could name two players who was outstanding, but will abstain as this was a team performance deserving high praise.

Both keepers made several goal stopping saves, futsal keepers are continually in the firing line, every mistake is magnified as they can be so costly; these two lads had parents applauding on many occasions.

Game was a pleasure to referee and also to observe with a coaching hat on.

Grimsby Borough Colts 6 Immingham Pilgrims 3

Half time team talk changed this game; Borough led 3-0 at break and looked to have no way back. To Immingham’s credit they found a way to score, but not score enough to rectify first half damage. Feature of this game was Immingham players’ inability to tie their shoe laces. I must have added on 4 minutes ‘laces time.’

Rare feature in this game was my awarding a ‘free 10 meter shot’ to Immingham. Free kick was awarded after Borough accumulated 4 second half fouls. By laws 5th foul and after is a free shot at goal. None of the fouls was serious fouls, but all in ‘my eyes’ warranted a free kick. From memory all the fouls was players over zealously tackling from behind the player with the ball. Experienced futsal will tackle ‘side on’. Football has no foul limit, futsal players have a cut off point, after that no matter where on the field the foul, the results the same, a 10 meter penalty is awarded. For a 10 meter penalty the keeper can stand up to 5 meters off his line. My experience is it’s 50/50 if you score from ten meters.

Futsal Home Internationals start Friday 30th November, watch out for televised matches

Great way of learning is to watch the best. Game tactics, corner and free kick tactics, game strategies to exploit a weakness, so much can be learnt from observation.

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The New Football World – and I’m not talking proposed new European League

Walking football; oldies football; jogging futsal, call it what you will.

Grimsby Corinthians Walking Football business card

Three times a week I get to kick a ball with a great group of friends. Come match day we all look out of our house windows; if it’s raining we curse; if it’s dry we smile. But to a man we get there regardless of the weather. Who are these people? All are over 50; most over 60 and some like me are in the septuagenarian group.

Walking football has grown alarming fast, the FA is only just starting to get to grips with the games development; thankfully we now have a set of FA Laws for walking football. Whilst the FA stalled fragmented groups and associations around the country tried to step into the void. Hence not every game or tournament is presently played to FA Laws. That said I’m sure the time is not far away when we all play FA Laws. This has to happen for two reasons:

1:        All trained referees are affiliated to the FA, the FA provides training; the FA will not sanction their referees to referee tournaments that are not affiliated to FA.

2:        Referees need one set of Laws, imagine turning up to referee an eleven a-side game and each mini association had different laws.

Kevin Bryant business card; contact me for local walking football news and opportunities

When I first started at Bradley we played 5 vs. 5 with small mini goals; staff often played to make up the ten. Last Monday seventy plus players played in session; I hasten to add free bacon and chip butties was on offer. That said they would have still hit fifty plus. The Tuesday session I attend had twenty playing in atrocious weather. Thursday fifty plus and Lincs Inspire will get another twenty four plus Friday.

The ball pings around similar to the Premiership, or that is the mental message we are receiving. One thing has happened for certain, we have all benefited mentally and physically from our efforts.

Just like the games in the park back when I was a ten year old, rules was tweaked to match the abilities of the players; remember when the goals size was adjusted if one team had a great goalkeeper and the other the fat lad who was never going to make a save in the top corner? Our oldies games are like that, the aim of the organiser is to select teams that will draw, not demobilise the opposition to the point you don’t see them again.  Wonderful to have those days’ back.

Coach Kevin Bryant guides youngsters on the Futsal training session at the YMCA in Grimsby.
PICTURE: Rick Byrne / Grimsby Telegraph

I have organised my own mixed age groups YMCA indoor sessions for few years now. Each year the group gets fitter and their technique and tactical choices better. There is no age to stop playing football. Why did I think when I finished playing at the early age of thirty the football world had closed? Yes I know I have had a journey as a coach and referee, but it’s not same as playing. Now look at me, seventy two and all I want to do is get of the house and kick a ball.  Come and join me, you will be made welcome.

Video illustrating how a goal can be scored direct from the keeper, as long as the keeper has the vision and technique needed.

In our junior leagues we have laws to prevent goalkeepers drop kicking the ball as shown in the video. Games was being spoilt by some teams asking their goal keeper to drop kick the ball at every opportunity. Outfield players was being bypassed, with the consequence those players was not developing as they should have been. Worse still it was not entertaining to watch.

In adult futsal, because of speed and size of the players, it is very difficult to score the goal shown on the video.

Wybers u12 Girls show a flair for futsal

Wybers U12 Girls

My first chance to see Wybers Girls play; and they did not disappoint. They may have lost their friendly vs. Haverstoe 7-3, but signs was there that they will not be a pushover team now they have joined league proper. In fact, in this game, couple boy’s was the ‘pushovers’ when girls disposed them of the ball with unexpected, but fair, force.

I have to mention a Haverstoe goal scored from a passing move that would have received praise if it had been scored in an FA Super League game. It was that good.

Also praise for team managers who managed their teams with minimum vocal instruction but with maximum effect.   🙂