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Last 32 Cup Draw

Please double check your match date time, and venue.  Your fixture could be at Kent St. or Second Avenue depending on the draw.  

Fixtures are now found via the links to Cup. Top of column to left.

NB. A player can only play for 1 team during the tournament!!!

As well as a trophy Sports Liesure Travel are offering WINNERS – max of 10 in two cars to France for two nights in a chalet and a futsal tournament or fixture.

Prize to be taken by arrangement before end of June 2007 and to include Channel crossing.

Sam Tatari double sinks FC Barca (Leeds)

Sam Tatari Double Sinks Leeds Barca

FC Grimsby put together a magnificent team performance to take 3 points of FC Barca (Leeds).  Score 5-1

Which ever 4 out field players Grimsby fielded they were rock solid in defense.  Futsal in the Futsal Premier League is played 20 minutes each way, but with the clock stopping every time the ball leaves the court.  Meaning 30 minutes real time play.  The match card records that the Grimsby team conceded only 9 fouls throughout the game; impressive as the team plan was to sit deep and wait for counter attacking opportunities.

The game plan needed double patience as Leeds scored the opening goal through Kevin Barr.  One slip and Gy paid the full price.

Robert Cass scored a deserved equalizer to take Grimsby to the break level.  Gy shaded the half, keeping the Leeds keeping more occupied than Dean Gladwell in the GY goal.

Almost straight from the second half kick off Sean Gladwell scored a scorcher from distance; a real bonus, because in truth it would not be an area Grimsby would have been looking to shoot from, the odds favoring the keeper to highly.

The half time team talk was to keep the ball, bore the opposition if necessary, and then when their concentration breaks, or they leave a gap, and explode into action with either Danny Hornigold or Sam Tatari using their pace off the mark and the ability to win 1 v 1 situations.

The plan worked perfectly, Leeds had to push on, and Leeds needed to score Grimsby new another goal was in the game from them.  It came through a fine Sam Tatari solo, followed by a Sam goal from the 10 meter free shot mark. 4-1 and coasting, a rare treat, but one that has been on the cards for some time.

The 5th was a great Daniel Hornigold break, 1v1 with the keeper from the half way line it could so easily have gone wrong with some much thinking time.  you just new he would dribble the keeper, and blast it home; cool as a cue cumber he set the keeper and rolled it under him.  5-1.

Such a quality team performance without Andrew Appleyard and James Archer augers well for the future.

Grimsby star player Sam Tatari was a class act, no one watching would have recognized Leeds had a multi capped England futsal player (S. Harrison) in their squad.  

D.Gladwell, S Gladwell, D Hornigold, S. Tatari, K.Russell, S.Harris, S. Cass, J. Makinson-Sanders


Grimsby Futsal Cup – 41 Entries

18 teams will play in the qualifying round.  The bottom 6 from Kent St and bottom 5 from Grimsby Futsal Leagues II & III plus St James A & B.

Tuesday 13th Second Avenue Heta vs. Magpies II  KO 615; O’s vs. Gy Futsal at Kent St. 730 KO

Wednesday 14th Second Avenue Expressions vs. Aspels KO 615; FC Coventry vs. Everglaze KO 7.

Matches are automatically drawn by computer.

The winners will proceed to the 1st round proper with 32 team slots.

Sports Leisure Travel Ltd have kindly sponsored the 2007 Grimsby Futsal Cup.

As well as a trophy they are offering WINNERS – max of 10 in two cars to France for two nights in a chalet and a futsal tournament or fixture.

Prize to be taken by arrangement before end of June 2007 and to include Channel crossing.

All Grimsby Futsal League teams are automatically included.   If you know of teams that might be interested to enter future futsal cups please contact Kevin Bryant m07980 286663 [email][/email]

Futsal Posatives……………….

4 weeks ago I started coaching futsal to 13-15 year olds at Kent Street Resource Centre.  Of the initial 6 players 2 had older brothers playing futsal that had inspired them to want part of the action.

Before the end of the session another group of local lads had asked to join in.  I ended with double the number I sated with!

Week 2 came and more players arrived who had already decided they wanted to be teams.  The stragglers became team 3 for the night.

Week 3.    I arrived and thought I had problems.  Kids were every where; how do I get this lot of the pitch?  What I hadn’t realized was they were all down to play futsal.  Mighty Mariners, Joga Benito, Kent St, Gy Rebels, Real McKid’s (what a name?).  Everyone played everyone else, not a bad tackle in site.  Talent and skill in abundance, street football at its best (futsal is street football with rules).  Everyone had taken to futsal like ‘ducks to water’, decisions are accepted in the spirit they are made.

Week 4.    Mighty Mariners spawn a ‘B’ team, and teams travel from West Marsh estate and Hereford school to play.  

Not a player or team lost in 4 weeks.  From 6 players to 8 teams!!

An abundance of football talent.

Not an adult in sight (they don’t see me as an adult because they know I want to keep adults out of their space).

Players from the senior Kent Street Futsal Team referee matches, we have no losers, and everyone starts with a clean sheet next week.

There is work do; do the teams create a league, what do they want out of futsal, what are they going to do to create that dream?

Watch this space?

Kevin Bryant

Grimsby Futsal League Disgrace

A 3-3 draw with Gunners Watch took Nicol Magpies to a remarkable 38 without loss.  All their matches were played in the Monday Premier League unlike College 2001 who had the majority of their 37 game run in division II.

The result of the game was less important than the manner in which the game was played.

When I arrived at Second Avenue I could hear, before I had seen a player, foul mouthed comments aimed at the referee coming from the pitch.  These comments were backed by supporters that would not normally be at the Resource Centre.  The atmosphere was intimidating.

Referee Brian Noble was outstanding in dealing with all the decisions he was asked to make.  Three Gunners Watch players and one Magpies players was sent off.  Three of which were for double yellow cards.

D. Hornigold (Magpies), a futsal league referee, was dismissed for a second yellow card. If the LFA suspend DH he will be doubly punished as a playing ban is also a refereeing ban.  

I was told by a Gunners player in front of his friends that I ran a ‘shit league.’  Very plesant given the time I put in costs me money.

Being insulted by players or spectators will not keep referees in the game.

The Grimsby Futsal League is not the place for you and your team if you have no respect for rules or the opposition.

Fixtures, Fixtures, Fixtures………..

Problems with displaying fixtures etc.  Please be patient.  Will be resolved over weekend.

Monday Fixtures

Eagles,,FC Grimsby (Youth),,, ,615,,,,,
College 2001,,Young’s Seafood’s,,, ,7,,,,,
Fulstow Rovers,,Gy All Blacks 745,,,,,
Nicol Magpies,,Grimsby Catalonia,,, ,830,,

Tuesday Fixtures

, Magpies II,,Harvest FC,,, ,615,,
Rose & Crown,,Harvest FC,,, ,7,,
StreetSoccer,,Gy Auditorium, ,745  
Piemonte,,Wanderers, ,830,,

AFC Snoop,,Littlefields FC,,, 6,
Everglaze,,Aspels,,, 645,,
O’S,,Football Wizards,,, 730,,,,,
Kent St. Resource Centre,,GY Futsal 815,,,,,
Humbertherm Futsal FC,,Nelson FC, 9,,,,,

Wednesday Fixtures

Second Ave. Resource Centre,,KBFC (LOB),,,615,,,,,
Hemswell,,Littlefields FC,,, ,7,,,,,      
Youngs Sea Foods,,PB Kent, 745,,   
Heta FC,,Daz Clark 830,,      


York Futsal Open (24th February)


CFKA excel, beating their best expectations at first tournament.  They qualified from their group to loose out to Team Birmingham in the quarter finals 3-2.  Teams Birmingham has a large squad to select from and have made the semi finals of the 2006 FA National Finals, as well as finishing third in the national Futsal Premier League.


Kent St can feel aggrieved that they were the only quarter finalists that had to play immediately after finishing a group match.  This told on them as they had no physical reserves to call as they lost out to eventual finalist York University.

Ryan Smith deservedly took the top goal scorer award (12 goals) after some dynamic finishing.  


Grimsby Catalonia would be the first to admit they under performed in a tough group, failing to make the final stages.  A surprise as they would have been most peoples bet to do best from the Grimsby entrants.

Teesside University took won the tournament, Grimsby player Ben Mortlock their star player.

Nicol Magpies equal College 2001 37 unbeaten

Grimsby Futsal League
Thursday, February 01, 2007Second Avenue

Monday Premier League

Gunners Watch, with Cain Winfarriah and Danny Rowe starring, beat Eagles to make it 5 wins on the bounce and open up a 4 point lead over Magpies.      11-5

Mark Huntley led Magpies to comfortable win over old foes Fulstow Rovers.  Magpies with 8 conceded in 5 games have best defense in league.      7-2

All Blacks condemn Young’s seafood’s to bottom place.  Sam Tatari and Luay Gharib stand out.  Has to be a good league with Young’s bottom.  5-2

Second Avenue
Tuesday Division II
Second Avenue

Piemonte struggled to make a team, Harvest are tough with your best squad, hence miss match.  Credit to Piemonte that they rallied at half time when lesser teams would have folded.       12-3

StreetSoccer pulled back from 1-3 to level 3-3, unfortunately Magpies rallied again to 5-4 thus ending StreetSoccer’s 5 without loss run.

Grimsby Baptist just cant get back on track (6L in 8 matches), Thorpe doing the damage this week in a game that had some great play.       10-4

Jamie Stratton takes plaudits as ACD prove too good for hard working Rose & Crown.

CFKA will soon be changing name to ‘game of the night.’  7-7 all with Auditorium they take advantage of late mistakes to win 9-7.

Wednesday Division III

Littlefields always had too much for Expressions.      7-2

KBFC loose points, sorry lads.  ACD stand in and give FC Coventry a serious work out for their match fee.      8-3

Hemswell vs. Heta had close game written all over it, and so it turned out to be.  Hemswell nicking it 5-3

Kirk Russell (Second Avenue) scores the sort of goal that deserves to win a match; unfortunately Daz Clark team had not read the script.      7-4

Kent Street League

Big 3 record cricket scores, at some point the league will have to move to two division league.

Nelson scored 13-0 against Astle’s, Kent St (struggling for a team mid afternoon) left Warriors scarred 26-1, Football Wizards did their bit recording 13 without reply vs. Everglaze.

O’s are erratic, but get everyone there they can do the business as Humbertherm disappointed to find out.      8-6

5 teams at the bottom have 6 points.  Grimsby Futsal gets 3 of theirs with a 6-4 win over AFC Snoop who already had their 6.

Friendly Matches

Futsal is a very fast, highly competitive game of five aside.  Research has shown futsal benefits 11v11 football more than traditional coaching methods.  Futsal is the only game of five aside recognized by FIFA.  ( search futsal for rules).  A visit to the web site will illustrate the vastness of the game in Europe.  For UK news visit  To play locally at any level contact Kevin Bryant 07980 286663 or visit