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StreetSoccer hold ACD!!!

Second Avenue
Monday Premier League – 6th November
Thanks to new added facilities to the sports online software the league uses I can now report Nicol Magpies 7-1 win over Grimsby Catalonia took them to 25 without defeat.

College 2001 hit an amazing 37 without defeat and then looses two on the trot.  Young’s Seafood’s beating them this week 6-4.  Craig Norman excelling for Young’s.

Gunners Watch continued with mixed for, this week they drubbed Caistor 12-2, next week they could loose to the same team.

Second Avenue
Tuesday Division II
Rose & Crown must have been delighted to notch a win over the experienced Piemonte after several close losses. 5-2

Harvest FC had a convincing win over third placed CFKA leaving them and ACD the leagues only two undefeated teams. 9-3

Have the young StreetSoccer reached a turning point?  Game of the night, result of the week!  Twice behind StreetSoccer find the resolve to battle back to 3-3 against table toppers ACD.

A reshaped Thorpe Park showed great style early on, but could not stay the full 40 minutes with the revitalized Grimsby Auditorium. 8-5

Centaur needs a quality player if anyone can help.  It’s regular story that they start well but get punished late on.  Grimsby Babtist were experienced enough to bide there time.  7-3

Second Avenue
Wednesday Division III
Due to injuries Hemswell were unable to field a team against ACD de Saloa, net result 3 points awarded to ACD.

PB Kent lost but recorded a respectable score against the inform Second Avenue.  Kirk Russell being the difference between the teams. 6-2

Young’s Seafood’s Wednesday team made a winning double for Young’s teams.  FC Dynamo just of the pace.  Craig Norman for second match in a week stood out.  7-3

Daz Clark rallied from 1-4 to 4-3 but just could not snatch an equalizer.  Feature of the game was the quality of the goals.

Kent Street League
Grimsby Bears, back with a full squad, would have anticipated beating Eagles.  Eagles had other ideas.  

Top placed Football Wizards are keeping the pressure on Kent St, who had a free week.  Wizards 8 Evergalze 2.

The top three are in some form; Wizards 8 without a loss, Eagles 7 and Kent St. 10.

Friendly Matches
Kent St just beat new to futsal, Grimsby All Blacks.  All Blacks showed enough to move straight into the Monday night Premier Division.  With Harvest FC moving that way as well Monday night will not be a place for the feint hearted.

Futsal is a very fast, highly competitive game of five aside.  Futsal is the only game of five aside recognized by FIFA.  ( search futsal for rules).  A visit to the web site will illustrate the vastness of the game in Europe.  For UK news visit  To play locally at any level contact Kevin Bryant 07980 286663 or visit
Monday Night

Magpies stop College 2001 incredible roll……

Match Reports 30th October
Second Avenue
Monday Premier League
The league record is 38 matches without a defeat.  Magpies showed their class, Goodhand bags 6, as Magpies defeat College 2001 9-2.  Credit to College who have set the cross bar very high indeed for anyone to emulate.

In the only other Premier league game Fulstow Rovers stopped a dreadful run of defeats beating Gunners Watch 6-4.  The return of James Archer, ably assisted by ‘Macca’ made the difference for Fulstow

Second Avenue
Tuesday Division II
Centaur new players couldn’t help Centaur from losing again. Harvest fully deserved the match with some slick passing and very good movements.  9-0

Grimsby Auditorium saw a useful player on the sidelines, asked him to play, and he delivers 3 goals!  Rose & Crown must be sick of loosing by 1 goal.  5-4

Game of the night with Grimsby Babtist Church going 4–1 up against CFKA and CFKA not giving; kept battling and managed to draw 6-6

StreetSoccer 1-0 up till the start of the second half when Piemonte grabbed a goal 10 seconds into the second half and then used there experience to pull of a tight 4-1 win.

Second Avenue
Wednesday Division III
First v second show down.  Hemswell 6 Expressions 8.  Great game, great result for Expressions as the peg Hemswell back.

Second Avenue just could not stay with the pace of title aspirants ACD de Saloa.  8-1
Young’s Seafood’s 3 FC Coventry 3.  End to end futsal, great advert for the game; it could have gone either way to last kick.

Kent Street League
A restricted programme saw Nelson FC beat Futsal Warriors 10-1; Warriors have hit a bad patch whilst Nelson FC is rejuvenated.  Football Wizards 9 StreetSoccer Milan 4.  Experience v Youth.  There are clear signs that ‘Youth’ is getting closer to that elusive point when results will turn their way.

Friendly Matches
CFKA (Div 2) comfortably beat Grimsby Catalonia (Prem’) 6-1
Young’s Seafood’s 10 (Prem’) Hemswell 0 (Div 3)

Futsal is a very fast, highly competitive game of five aside.  Futsal is the only game of five aside recognized by FIFA.  ( search futsal for rules).  A visit to the web site will illustrate the vastness of the game in Europe.  For UK news visit  To play locally at any level contact Kevin Bryant 07980 286663 or visit

Re:  Give Us Back Our Game – the grassroots footba

I am writing to tell you about the Give Us Back Our Game campaign and to see if you and everyone associated with futsal would like to support the fastest growing youth welfare movement in the UK.  I have a strong suspicion that everybody who loves futsal will help us to promote real change in grassroots football.

Give Us Back Our Game was developed in October 2006 by youth football coaches, parents, academics and politicians concerned about the welfare of young players currently taking part in organised football in the UK.  

Today’s children learn from the grown-ups. Without the freedom of the streets and playing fields, their early experiences of football are organised, supervised and coached. They have no real say in what happens, and they don’t have time to develop, learn and fall in love with the beautiful game.
We at Give Us Back Our Game feel that the problem areas are:          
* Football is no longer the children’s game – it is controlled by adults;  

* Often, the same children are on the sidelines as subs or omitted every game;

* Coaches and parents can too often be seen screaming from the touchlines;

* Winning is prioritised before fun and development;

* There is not enough free play where children can solve their own problems;

* Children are not encouraged to express their skills on the pitch;

*  Football is no longer the beautiful game:  it’s ugly.

Give Us Back Our Game have already had many pledges of support from clubs and concerned coaches in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  The Give Us Back Our Game National Fun Day will take place on 17 June 2007.  There will be national as well as local 4 v 4 football events at hundreds of venues and local, regional and national media coverage. What can you or your organisation do?

You are the best person to decide how best you or your organisation can help support real youth player development in the UK.
You may wish to add your name or your organisation’s name to the hundreds of supporters across the UK to e-mail our website and lend their support.  You may wish to organise your own event in June 2007. You may even wish for your company to lend sponsorship support to the guiding ethos of Give Us Back Our Game.  Perhaps you could provide a link to the Give Us Back Our Game website, listed below.  Simply, you may wish to forward this e-mail or the website details to other like-minded individuals.  
Whatever you do, you will help to send a strong message to youth football administrators in the UK that the childhood experiences that you had when you were young are well worth preserving. For further information about the ethos and philosophy of the Give Us Back Our Game campaign, log onto:

Respectfully and with many thanks,

Paul Cooper and Rick Fenoglio
Give Us Back Our Game

Futsal Reports October 23rd………………

Second Avenue
Monday Premier League
College slip, but not enough to loose that 38 since a loss record.  Caistor 2-2

Simon Taylor inspires Grimsby Catalonia to 5-2 win over   Caistor 2-2

Simon Taylor inspires Grimsby Catalonia to 5-2 win over Young’s Seafood’s

Keeper ‘Gav’ plays well on his return to Fulstow team; but how do you solve a problem like Goodhand?  Magpies 8 Fulstow Rovers 2

Second Avenue
Tuesday Division II
Rose & Crown3 losses on the trot, but all low score defeats.  Matty Homer (CFKA) the difference.  5-2

Harvest Foods looking a good team, pass it around well, was just too good for Babtist Church.  4-1

Grimsby Auditorium, with the full team back, stopped Thorpe Park winning run with a good performance. 11-3

StreetSoccer never gave up in the fight to win, but Magpies II just used there experience in futsal to win the game.  How many more times will StreetSoccer loose by one goal?  4-3

The best game of the night was the visit of Kent Street Resource Centre team to play ACD.  Booth teams top of their respective divisions. The game was let down by a good number of fouls that never needed to happen.  An issue team managers need to address.  Referees don’t commit fouls.  In some countries rules are enforced so tightly that ‘almost any contact’ is an offence.  Booth teams were neck and neck until the last minute when Kent Street got the winner.

Second Avenue
Wednesday Division III

Games not played when going to press.

Kent Street League
Futsal Warriors loose basement battle. With no substitutes they simply could not match Everglaze for energy levels. 6-4

Grimsby College 2006 is on a steep learning curve.  Football Wizards greater experience was too much for a team at the start of their futsal careers.

Humbertherm made it hard work for Eagles, but lack of substitutes was again a problem.  Eagle’s late dominance extended tight score to 11-4

Grimsby Bears 5 StreetSoccer Milan 0.  Final score 6-5.  Dogged determination, a never give in spirit, allied to skill almost got the youthful StreetSoccer a shock point.

Futsal is a very fast, highly competitive game of five aside.  Futsal is the only game of five aside recognized by FIFA.  ( search futsal for rules).  A visit to the web site will illustrate the vastness of the game in Europe.  For UK news visit  To play locally at any level contact Kevin Bryant 07980 286663 or visit

Press Release – Taster Futsal Tournaments for Junior Teams.

The Grimsby Futsal League has received permission to organize junior futsal leagues.  Initial permission has been sanctioned by the Linconshire FA for the matches to be for ages 10-16, either gender.  Age 9 and under is subject to a further discussion with the LFA Development Officer as there is a conceived clash with mini soccer.  Close neighbors Sheffield & Hallam County FA and East Riding FA already embrace futsal for under nines.  Graham Dell (England Futsal Team Manager) does not foresee a world class England futsal team until the team has a production line of players that have played the game from 8 onwards.  Futsal is a completely different learning experience for young footballers.  Best played indoors (or on astro surface), futsal rules dictate a fast skillful open game.  Big or small players have no advantage on a futsal court, the only dictate and comparison is skill.  Like tennis or basketball the best team always wins. FIFA rules allow for a squad of 12 players rotating with the 5 team players allowed on court at any one time.  

Futsal is the national language for junior teams in 99% of the world.  England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales the last countries to play what is the world most played small sided sport. 50% of the Premiership players will have cut their teeth playing futsal.  Most South americans’ move to eleven aside at 16; which means they have played and practiced under stress for 8 more years than their English counter part.  In terms of touches of the ball, shots at a goal they will have treble the experience of our young players.  One ball between 22 or 1 ball between 10, it’s not rocket science to see which game is going to produce the better player.  If you want solid evidence its available in detailed research by Manchester Metropolitan University and North Carolina University USA.  The English FA are ahead of the other FA Associations, but they are all, at the instigation of UEFA, developing futsal development programmers.

Want to play in a futsal taster tournament?

Please contact Kevin Bryant 01472 235704 or 07980 286663

Local awareness about FUTSAL

Why dont we as a league, write a feature in the sports telegraph with a brief piece about the local futsal setup , introduce the game in moderate detail so the readers understand what the game is all about and finally, have a few of the teams with kits, looking the part, on view for all to see. Surely this would boost local awareness and increase the chances of some much needed funding to improve the facilities and in turn, thus improve the local game over all!!! I believe the lack of quality facilities only hinders the games development. Second Ave is in much of repair and Kent St’s field of play isnt anywhere near the minimum size required. Although the sites in question facilitate requirements  at the moment, we need to be looking to gain financial support from the recognised sport funding organisations to improve the current facilities or find a new site fit for purpose. Im sure the majority would agree, that when visiting Nothern Conference based in hull and the nationals, standards are much higher compared to what locally, the league can offer. Surely our long term goal is to improve in all areas of the game and  short term, ensure the increasing high standard that Kevin is trying to achieve through local facilties and most important local players!!!
Finally with high standards being maintained. this would hopefully attract more officials to the game and become an appealling game to officate. But with the minority still not quite realising how important having a qualified official present, we still need to improve a little further in this area. I for one, have gain emense experience from officating locally and regionally. There is no better league on its day! For the development of the players involved and the officials too!

Futsal awareness?

Junior Futsal Leagues

The LFA have sanctioned rules for the Grimsby Futsal League to organise juior futsal leagues.  If you want to enter a team we will ne running age groups 9-16.  Booth genders.

If your team just wants a taster game then we can oblige.

Kevin Bryant 0845 6122250 0r 07980 286663.

Rob Parry is organising junior schools tournaments.  07708377495
youth futysal

Futsal Fixtures Week Commencing Monday 9th October

Monday Premier Division

Castors? experience too much for Gunners Watch. ?Gunners built up play slow and ponderous compared to the clinical speed of their opponents. ??You can?t be offside at futsal? so get players past the last man with the ball? ?Score 6-2

Grimsby Catalonia under perform. ?You can?t misplace passes and squander guilt edge chances and then hope to beat a team like Young?s, who feed of your mistakes. ?Superb ?Norm? goal highlight of game. ?5-2

The eagerly awaited Fulstow Rovers ? College 2001 game did not disappoint. ?College always led, but could not get away from Fulstow. ?Speed on the counter was key to a College win; Lee Smith getting the winner with seconds to go after a similarly late Fulstow goal looked as though it had wrecked the College night. ?7-6. College 34 undefeated!

Tuesday Division 2

New boys? Harvest FC nick last gasps 4-3 win over Rose & Crown. ?The feed back from Harvest FC management was that futsal was tougher than anticipated.

Maggie?s bottom! No wins in 4, which not the form associated with Magpies II before the summer break. ?CFKA were just to good, playing neat football and not missing opportunities as they arose. Magpies 2 CFKA 7

Thorpe Park have lifted there game a level. ?A strong compact unit that gave Centaur few opportunities. ?5-1

Grimsby Auditorium started well, but not the even clash expected, ?as the game wore on ACD took control. ?6-2

Kent Street League

Three weeks ago the title looked to have been won by Kent St Resource Centre as the Grimsby Bears stumbled. ?What we had all missed was Football Wizards games in hand and their ability to win those games. ?Futsal Warriors gave it a go but Wizards were to experienced. ? 10-2

StreetSoccer Milan must have been pleased to meet a new youthful team, with less experience than themselves. ?Milan 8 Gy College 0. ?

Nelson didn?t win but 8-10 versus Eagles was a strong performance.

Everglaze recent improvements were lost as Humbertherm had one of their ?on? weeks. ?14-2

Posative of the week, two new teams apply to join.

Negative, two sendings off for foul language to referees. ?The LFA love the money some of you guys are donating. ?Just remember referees can now report indescretions via email. ?Years ago they had to right a report, put a stamp on it, post etc. ?So some got ‘overlooked.’ ?Now it’s one click and delivered, don’t give referees the opportunity.