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Grimsby Futsal League Requires Referee

If you are a qualified referee you will quickly adapt to futsal rules.  A full futsal course is planned for anyone wishing to start from scratch.  For qualified referees it is a case of adding the futsal qualification to the qualification you already posess.
Details Kevin Bryant 0845 6122250 email[url][/url]

Famous David Pleat Quotes

"A game is not won until it is lost"

"Winning isn’t the end of the world"

"This is a real cat and carrot situation"

"I’ve seen some players with very big feet, and some with very small feet"

"And the steam has gone completely out of the Spanish sails"

"He’s got a brain under his hair"

"Pires has got something about him, he can go both ways depending on who’s facing him"

"That would have put the icing on his start"

Mark Cullum-New NELC Sports Development Position

I have recently been appointed into a new position within Sports Development at North East Lincolnshire Council and as such will no longer be leading on the development of girls football in our area. ?I would like to thank you all for your hard work in developing girls football over the past 4 years. ?

We have established a thriving primary and secondary schools central venue league, established lots of new girls football teams and will shortly be launching a girls league attached to the Gradley. ?It has been a pleasure working with you all and I feel that we have made a real impact on the sport in North East Lincolnshire.

Louise Smith will now be leading on the development of girls football from our team. ?Please contact Louise with all queries or issues relating to girls football on 01472 323379 or e-mail

My e-mail address and phone number will remain the same in case you wish to contact me.

Mark Cullum
Mark Cullum
Principal Sports Development Officer
North East Lincolnshire Council
01472 323434

Teams Fail To Turn Up For County Cup Final

Blundell Park, Sunday May 7th
Tilted Barrell (Grimsby) and St Johns (Holbeach) played out a final that tatically and technically left a lot to be desired. ?Played at a break neck space, little thought went into the play. In the 90 minutes of football that led to extra time niether team could manage 4 connected passes. ?It was junior football played by men. ?Neither team had a player who demanded the ball, wanted to play football, could change the tiresome pattern of long ball play. ?1-1 took the game into extra time, Tilted Barrel took the cup 5-4 on penalties. ?thankfully players that struggled to pass had no trouble with the ball on the penalty spot. ?

lincs cup final