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Week 29 Futsal Reports

College 2001 results getting closer. ?4-2 v Centaur. ?Not the run away results of early season.

Magpies II and Auditorium just good enough to see off Seven Seas and CFKA.

Enver Reds spoil The Bears 100% record (3-3)

‘Freemo’ punish poor FC Grimsby.

StreetSoccer Milan keep to their word and win a game.

StreetSoccer do same and beat Expressions by odd goal.

FC Coventry are showing they will be a team to watch next season.

ACD and Bluecrest share 6 goals.


Minutes of the Meeting Held on Thurs 13th July 2006 Grimsby Town Hall.
1 ? ? ?Present: ? ? ?
Louise Smith (NELC)
Kevin Bryant (Futsal),
Lee George (Clee Community),
Sarah Teal (Lincs FA)
Lorraine Stiff (Clee Community).
Simon Leach (Immingham Pilgrims)
Sarah Wilkinson (LSS)
Karen Catmull (LSS)
Rob Allenby (Lindsey School)
? ? ?Apologies:  ? ? ?
Rob Allison (Hereford School),
Barry Turner (Gradely League),
Jo Smith (Immingham Pilgrims),
Brian Noble (Clee Community),
Kylie Farbrace (Grimsby Town Ladies)
Paul Farbrace (Grimsby Town Ladies)
Brian Manson (Theddlethorpe Tigers)
Joan Baker (SSCO Immingham School)

2 ? ? ?Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters Arising
Minutes agreed. ? ? ? ?ACTION

3 ? ? ?Update of Accounts

Accounts stand at ?1148. Still not received an up to date statement due to changing of offices ? ? ?

4 ? ? ?Gradely League

Teams already entered are four under 10 teams (Clee Community, LFL, Immingham, Healing) and five under 12 (Immingham, Clee Community, LFL x2, Theddlethorpe Tigers). ?Still to register are LSS, who plan to put in an U10 and U12 team. ?Grimsby Town Ladies also may be putting a team in. ?

Discussion of the amount of matches possible to play with different amount of teams entering.

League to start Mid September 2006 and games are going to be played on Saturday. To be put into rules about 10:30 KO

26th July Gradely league AGM ? all clubs to attend ? ? ?


5 ? ? ?Kick Starts 2006

Healing Hotspurs established U10 team, still needing a manager.

Immingham progressed with under 10 and under 12. No manager is established

LS stated that each club establishing a new team through Kick Start would be entitled to ?100 from the group. ? ? ?

6 ? ? ?Summer Tournamanet

Good, except an issue with the amount of teams dropping out on the day therefore leading to fixture changes. However for the future it has been suggested that games should be longer
? ? ?

7 ? ? ?Schools Leagues

There are currently 13 secondary school teams and 25 primary schools teams attending the girls football league. ?Now finished for the summer, but will be restarting in Sept/Oct.

Teams could use this as an opportunity to advertising their club next season and increase numbers. ? ? ?

? ? ?Ladies Football

Immingham plan to have an open ladies training session starting on Saturday they are training at the resource centre. ?They plan to play friendlies for the first season to see if they can establish a full squad.

LS offered help to try and promote this if needed.

Update that Theddlethorpe, are also planning to try and start an open ladies team.  ? ? ?

9 ? ? ?Club and Coach Education

LS spoke about the Active Coaches Association which is a free coach and volunteer accreditation scheme. A membership card will be issued which shows that you are an accredited coach with NE Lincs Council Sports Development.

Julie Chipchase has been down to the area to deliver coach development over a 3 week period and is planning on coming down in the near future.

Leanne Hall soccer academy was discussed as she is delivering course in the near future. ? ? ?


11 ? ? ?A.O.B.

Rob Allenby stated that JFO being delivered in September at Lindsey School, there are a few spare spaces left.

Futsal refereeing course update, referees who are qualified in 11 a side refereeing can take an update course on the 9th September, this is a 4 hour course.

A new course for refereeing is being pioneered in East Riding to incorporate elements of futsal, hoped that this will soon be rolled out across the country through the Football Association.

Male and Female representation is needed for the student Futsal trials at Loughborough in the near future ? ? ?
12 ? ? ?Date & Time of Next Meeting

Thursday 7th September 7pm at Grimsby Town Hall. ? ? ?

The Bears rattle Magpies.  

This was not the match Magpies anticipated. ?The Bears had them rattled. ?With only a goal between them, the result was in doubt until the last kick. ?The Bears will rue 2 own goals that cost them a place in the FA National Futsal Finals at Sheffield. ?

Nicol Magpies had players missing, that’s would be unfair to The Bears. ?When questions were asked of them to many Magpies players went into shells. ?There was no leadership on or off the field. ?

When The Bears caused problems, ?Magpies, chased hard, talked loud, but failed to solve the probel infront of them.
This has to be worrying from a team that are heading towards tougher more consistant opposition at Sheffield.

Performances like this will see Magpies making an early exit from Sheffield.

From a neutrals viewpoint it was a great game that could have gone either way. ?6-5 to Magpies, a moral victory for The Bears.

Elsewhere, ?Catalonia nearly recover from 0-4 at half time to Springway Eagles. ?A change of tatics saw Catalonia pull back to 4-3.

Magpies II almost pull off a form upset against inform Auditoriom. ?One goal decided match.

Babtist Church had pace to burn in the team, Thorpe park haddened. ?Score 13-1

Expressions have been reading match reports; the defence tightens to keep Hemswell down to 5. ?Score 9-5

All Stars Legends 7 Everglaze 5. ?Everglaze played the best I have seen them in this game. ?Getting closer to recording wins rather than losses.

Referee Courses 11v11 and Futsal

Proposed dates September 2nd and 3rd.

Saturday and Sunday 4 hour sessions. ?This will qualify you to referee 11v11.

An extra course on Saturday September 9th will qualify you to referee FUTSAL.

Referees already qualified to referee full sided football need onlt attend on the 9th to update their qualification to include futsal refereeing.

The courses are filling up. ?Please book your place early. ?

To book your place please telephone Kevin Bryant 01472 235704 0r 07980 286663




[Next Meeting Grimsby Town Hall, Thursday 13th 7pm.]

Minutes of the Meeting Held on Thursday 25h March Grimsby Town Hall.
1 ? ? ?Present: ? ? ?
Louise Smith (NELC)
Kate Jackson (Healing Hotspurs),
Brian Noble (Clee Community),
Joan Baker (SSCO Immingham School),
Steve Watson (Broughton Ravers),
Brian Manson (Theddlethorpe Tigers)
Kevin Bryant (Futsal),
Lee George (Clee Community),
Kylie Farbrace (Grimsby Town Ladies)
Paul Farbrace (Grimsby Town Ladies)
? ? ?Apologies:  ? ? ?
Mark Kingston (Healing Hotspurs),
Simon Leach (Immingham Pilgrims),
Mike Hay (Grimsby District Schools FA),
John Smith (Grimsby Town Ladies),
Rob Allison (Hereford School),
Lorraine Stiff (Clee Community).
Barry Turner (Gradely League),
Sarah Teal (Lincs FA)
Jo Smith (Immingham Pilgrims),

2 ? ? ?Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters Arising

Minutes agreed. ? ? ? ?ACTION

3 ? ? ?Update of Accounts

Accounts stand at ?1148 after a ?500 credit from NELC Sport Development for Kick Start.  ? ? ?

4 ? ? ?Gradely League

The deadline for entry to the girls U10 and U12 Gradely leagues is May 31st 2006. ?This is however only a loose deadline and teams will be able to enter as and when they are ready to register. ? ? ?


5 ? ? ?Kick Starts 2006

Healing Hotspurs are already underway with their kick start for U10s they have 13 new girls attending and are now looking for someone to take on the team.

Immingham would like U10 and U12 kick starts. ?JS to arrange details with LS.

Grimsby Town Ladies would like to run one for U10s. ?KF to arrange with LS to try and start approx 29th June.

Broughton Ravers need to contact North Lincs Council for help with this.
? ? ?


6 ? ? ?Grimsby Institute Centre of Excellence

GI are planning to have U12, U14, U16 girls football Development Squads and an Academy. ?If they can gain a license from the FA then this will be a Centre of Excellence. ? ? ?

7 ? ? ?Summer Tournament 2006

Event will be sponsored by Grimsby Institute and will have a World Cup theme. ?It will be on July 8th from about 10am until 4pm. ?The age groups are U10 (current school year 4 & 5), U12 (current school year 6 & 7), U14 (current school year 8 & 9) and U16 (current school year 10 & 11). ?

For the U10 age group, year 3s will be allowed to participate with parental permission. For this you must speak with LS prior to the tournament for permission. ?

Grimsby Institute are producing the flyers for the tournament which will contain the application form. ?LS will distribute these when they arrive. ?If they do not arrive in good time, will distribute some others.

? ? ?

8 ? ? ?Schools Leagues

There are currently 13 secondary school teams and 25 primary schools teams attending the girls football league. ? ? ?

? ? ?Club Development

Grimsby Town Ladies and Clee Community have stated that they wish to work towards Charter Standard. ? ? ?

10 ? ? ?Coach Education

LS spoke about the Active Coaches Association and stated that any club wishing to register its coaches with the scheme free of charge should contact her for application forms. ?LS can be contacted on 01472 323379 or

KB stated that he has 10-12 candidates wanting to do a referees course, if anybody knows anyone else who is interested they should let him know. ?He has also got 10 wanting to do a Level 1 football.
? ? ?


11 ? ? ?A.O.B.

KF enquired about women?s only UEFA B courses.

BN stated that the Clee Community tournament was very successful with 24 teams attending. ?BM added that it was very well organised and was a credit to girls football. ?

BM also recommend the Charter Standard to any club, he stated that it opens up the doors for funding and support from various organisations including the FA.
? ? ?
12 ? ? ?Date & Time of Next Meeting

Thursday 13th July 7pm at Grimsby T[b

Young’s Blue Crest sponsor new kit

Premier Falcon’s have pulled off a superb kit sponsorship deal with Young’s Blue Crest.

Their name will change to that of the sponsors.

Young’s Blue Crest will have teams in booth the Monday Premier Division and the Wednesday night futsal leagues.

Futsal reports week 26

Nicol Magies and The Bears heading for ? play off for that elite place at the national Finals at sheffield.

Magpies had their toughest game for some time against Peter Taylor’s Springway Eagles. ?6-3 was closer than the score indicates.

The Bears recorded a crazy 11 -11 score against Evears’ Reds. ?Or was it a straight penalty shoot out.

Player off the week goes to Kieron Moore who scored 6 of the goals as Caistor just eased past Gunners Watch 8-6.

Are Grimsby Auditorium overtaking College 2001? ?The long unbeaten College have ‘real’ challengers at last.

Centaur and The Baptist play to form, booth winning low scoring games.

Expressions plug that defence, but not enough to stop FC Dynamo.

ACD roll onwards, ?Second Ave are giving everyone a game, which was not the case 6 months ago.

New team FC Coventry shock Hemswell in their first freindly game. ?Coventry defence shackles free scoring Loius.

StreetSoccer Milan getting closer to elusive win, age difference will soon become an advantage….

Everglaze loose by 8, but a big step in right direction against strong opposition.

All Star Legends stay stars for another week…..Football Wizards need new tricks.

Futsal Premier League North Conference

FC Grimsby crash to York University 4-2. ?York were simply the better team. ?

Having 4 or the first choice starting line unavailable is the only excuse Grimsby can offer.

Drawing 3 fouls to 0 in 5 minutes Grimsby had to draw the next 2 fouls and York would have been unable to tackle for fear of conceding 10 meter penalties. ?

What did Grimsby do? ?They gave York 5 fouls and 2 10 meter free shots. ?Aidy Clark conceding 4 of the first 5 fouls. ?How long does it take players to learn the levels of tolerance the referees have set?

With under par performances from to many players Jamrs Archer and Danny Hornigold were left on a 2 man mission to chase and retrieve the game. ?

Keeper Dean Gladwell saved everything asked of him, excepting goals when he was exposed by unacceptable defending errors.

For the second game this season FC Grimsby have lost a game when they have outnumbered their opponents scoring chances 2 to 1. ?

Even when awarded 2 free 10 meter shots in the second period Shaun Gladwell missed the target followed by James Archer not testing the keeper.

York were a sound, well organised team that new when and how to support each other and will cause other teams a few problems.