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Local awareness about FUTSAL

Why dont we as a league, write a feature in the sports telegraph with a brief piece about the local futsal setup , introduce the game in moderate detail so the readers understand what the game is all about and finally, have a few of the teams with kits, looking the part, on view for all to see. Surely this would boost local awareness and increase the chances of some much needed funding to improve the facilities and in turn, thus improve the local game over all!!! I believe the lack of quality facilities only hinders the games development. Second Ave is in much of repair and Kent St’s field of play isnt anywhere near the minimum size required. Although the sites in question facilitate requirements  at the moment, we need to be looking to gain financial support from the recognised sport funding organisations to improve the current facilities or find a new site fit for purpose. Im sure the majority would agree, that when visiting Nothern Conference based in hull and the nationals, standards are much higher compared to what locally, the league can offer. Surely our long term goal is to improve in all areas of the game and  short term, ensure the increasing high standard that Kevin is trying to achieve through local facilties and most important local players!!!
Finally with high standards being maintained. this would hopefully attract more officials to the game and become an appealling game to officate. But with the minority still not quite realising how important having a qualified official present, we still need to improve a little further in this area. I for one, have gain emense experience from officating locally and regionally. There is no better league on its day! For the development of the players involved and the officials too!

Futsal awareness?

Junior Futsal Leagues

The LFA have sanctioned rules for the Grimsby Futsal League to organise juior futsal leagues.  If you want to enter a team we will ne running age groups 9-16.  Booth genders.

If your team just wants a taster game then we can oblige.

Kevin Bryant 0845 6122250 0r 07980 286663.

Rob Parry is organising junior schools tournaments.  07708377495
youth futysal

Futsal Fixtures Week Commencing Monday 9th October

Monday Premier Division

Castors? experience too much for Gunners Watch. ?Gunners built up play slow and ponderous compared to the clinical speed of their opponents. ??You can?t be offside at futsal? so get players past the last man with the ball? ?Score 6-2

Grimsby Catalonia under perform. ?You can?t misplace passes and squander guilt edge chances and then hope to beat a team like Young?s, who feed of your mistakes. ?Superb ?Norm? goal highlight of game. ?5-2

The eagerly awaited Fulstow Rovers ? College 2001 game did not disappoint. ?College always led, but could not get away from Fulstow. ?Speed on the counter was key to a College win; Lee Smith getting the winner with seconds to go after a similarly late Fulstow goal looked as though it had wrecked the College night. ?7-6. College 34 undefeated!

Tuesday Division 2

New boys? Harvest FC nick last gasps 4-3 win over Rose & Crown. ?The feed back from Harvest FC management was that futsal was tougher than anticipated.

Maggie?s bottom! No wins in 4, which not the form associated with Magpies II before the summer break. ?CFKA were just to good, playing neat football and not missing opportunities as they arose. Magpies 2 CFKA 7

Thorpe Park have lifted there game a level. ?A strong compact unit that gave Centaur few opportunities. ?5-1

Grimsby Auditorium started well, but not the even clash expected, ?as the game wore on ACD took control. ?6-2

Kent Street League

Three weeks ago the title looked to have been won by Kent St Resource Centre as the Grimsby Bears stumbled. ?What we had all missed was Football Wizards games in hand and their ability to win those games. ?Futsal Warriors gave it a go but Wizards were to experienced. ? 10-2

StreetSoccer Milan must have been pleased to meet a new youthful team, with less experience than themselves. ?Milan 8 Gy College 0. ?

Nelson didn?t win but 8-10 versus Eagles was a strong performance.

Everglaze recent improvements were lost as Humbertherm had one of their ?on? weeks. ?14-2

Posative of the week, two new teams apply to join.

Negative, two sendings off for foul language to referees. ?The LFA love the money some of you guys are donating. ?Just remember referees can now report indescretions via email. ?Years ago they had to right a report, put a stamp on it, post etc. ?So some got ‘overlooked.’ ?Now it’s one click and delivered, don’t give referees the opportunity.

Futsal League Reports Week Commencing 2nd October

FA National Championships Qualifying Group

Gunners Watch reverse last weeks lose to Grimsby Catalonia. 4-1
College 8 Grimsby Bears 1.  College 33 games without lose.
Fulstow Rovers 9 Young?s Seafood?s 5.  Result in dispute, did Fulstow have ineligible player on the pitch?
Are Nicol Magpies days of rolling teams over finished?  Results are getting closer by the week.  Caistor get close at 2-4.
If you can?t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, Kent Street Resource Centre and Grimsby Bears drop out of Monday league.

Tuesday Division II

StreetSoccer u/16 junior teams last year are getting better game by game.  Only last minute goal gave Piemonte the bragging rights.  4-3
Centaur started clear favorites to beat Rose & Crown.  Result Rose & Crown 8-6
Thorpe Park 5 CFKA, not a result Thorpe Park would have accomplished last year.
Magpies II bottom of the league?  You would have bet on them to finish in the top 3 before a ball was kicked.  ACD are the team to beat as Maggie?s found out.  8-3
With Harvest FC and Grimsby Auditorium in action next week this league is a dog eat dog league.

Wednesday Division III

Mr. Hornigold has forgotten yet again to send in results, anyone know a referee that can post results?  In his absence I will do a pools forecast????..Expressions 4  Young?s 8, ACD de Salao  7  FC Dynamo 3,  FC Coventry 4  Second Ave 3,  Daz Clark 5 PB Kent 5???.

Kent St Resource Centre

Sid Sadler (Humbertherm) must know more good players than anyone else in the league.  They gave the inform Wizards a real test, but miss too many chances to cause a shock.  6-2
Everglaze 0 Grimsby Bears 0.  Unfortunately that was the half time score.  But how they made the Bears work for their 4 second half goals.
Second Ave (Grimsby Babtist Church) 9 Nelson FC 0.  Chris the Nelson keeper excels with a couple of saves Gordon Banks would have applauded.
StreetSoccer Milan have talent, they lack the physique of their older opponents.  With 3 minutes on the clock Eagles led 6-4 and StreetSoccer were pushing towards 6-5.  For some inexcusable reason they lapsed to 7-4 and before they new it 9-4.  They will learn from it.  

Have teams any match photos to add to web?

Will futsal help me play eleven aside football?

The answer has to be yes.  Check out the comments of Deco, Portugal’s play maker in chief.  He moved from futsal to football at 16.  A continueing theme from Brazilian and South American players.

They move to eleven aside when they have the skill to master the eleven aside ball; not as 10 year olds as a matter of course.

Add Italy to the list of futsal nations, they have more players registered for futsal than 11 v 11 and then look at where the World Cup ends up, and you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out the link.


Futsal Rule Changes

Newsletter from Futsal premier League that will be of interest to all futsal personal.

Please make sure that your players are all aware of the laws of the game, including some recent changes made by FIFA.

1. It is advised that all players download a copy of the laws from our website. ?

A couple to be aware of:

Law 7&8 . Players can now leave the pitch at a time out. Helpful in preventing water being spilled on the court.

Note: substitutions can still not take place at a time-out. The player must enter the court after the time-out.
If the player coming on is about to take a kick0in, he must enter the court first to complete the substitution. (that?s the rule)

Law 12 Fouls & Misconduct. ? ? ? Direct free kick.. ? ? ? ? ? ?

if a player charges an opponent?..bumping into an opponent with the shoulder is sometimes seen as unavoidable physical contact?..

?if it is not reckless, foolish or excessively forceful? it counts as a sporting kind of contact.

Please be advised of the text we have underlined. Some players appear to think that the more forceful shoulder charge, used often in 11s football, is permitted in

futsal. It is not allowed to the same degree, and we will be instructing our referees on how we wish this to be interpreted and applied. Excessive force will not

be allowed on FPL games.

Law 13 Signals ? Indirect Free Kick.

Both referees should indicate with arm raised until the free-kick is taken and until ball touches another player or goes out of play.

This is intended for clarity for all.

Law 14 Accumulated Fouls?.There is a new ?mandatory signal? that referees should use to indicate to the timekeeper when applying the advantage rule.

For those not aware of this rule, advantage can be played in the event of a foul. The referee then indicates the accumulated foul to the time-keeper at the next

occasion when the ball is out of play.

Procedures to determine the Winner of a game..

Slight change here, more specifically for cup ties and play-off situations.

In the event of a draw, there are clarifications on how the winner is determined.

Specific point to note is ?kicks taken from the penalty mark (10 metre)

We will adjust our score sheet so that admins can track penalties awarded and taken.

These are just some highlight we thought would be useful. Again, it is up to the teams to be aware of the laws of the game. Referees have to work to stay abreast

law changes.. Teams need to do the same. It will help avoid frustrations at times.

On a lighter note?.

There?s also some very nice skills you may want your players to have a peek at. (link on the same page above) ?see YouTube reference

Best to you

Gary ? ?


Gary Macbeth, Chief Executive

Futsal Premier League ?(TheFPL)

Tel. +44 7876 506 191

Acrobat? Reader? required for any attached PDF files.

FC Grimsby back on track?

A great 6-2 win against FC Barca (Leeds) was the tonic needed after the 7-0 mauling from Doncaster Deaf College.

FC Grimsby fielded 3 Brazilan players as the effort continues to establish Grimsby as a futsal force.

It was the Grimsby players that impressed against dangerous opposition that were always a threat.

To pick a star player would be disrespectful to other players.  Danny Hornigold was manificent and scored with a scorcher. Jamie Archer controlled the game and poached 3; Shaun Gladwell slipped on the previous weeks performance but still netted 3 times.  Robert Cass continues to be an accomplished defender that can play when he has the ball.  The 4 gaol difference could have been dangerously close without Dean Gladwell’s best performance of the season.

The signs are there that a very formidable team is building.  

Gy impresses brazialians!!