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Team coach Matty Payne with his YMCA All Stars team who have just gone 11 matches without defeat in u12/13 league. Bright group of players lucky to be with a top coach who shares their futsal passion.

Matty with YMCA All Stars team
2019 Boys finished season winning 10 games on bounce!


Red Devils FC 16 14 0 2 42 LWWWWWWWWLWW
Ymca All Stars U12z mp 16 12 1 3 37 WWWWWWWWWWLW
YMCA Dragons U12/13z 16 12 0 4 36 WWLWWWLWLLWW
Healing U12 Futsal (AM) 16 11 2 3 35 LWWLLWWWWWWW
Seven Seas (CA) 16 8 2 6 26 LWLWDLWWLLWW
Sidney Park Futsal U13z 16 4 2 10 14 WWWDLWLLLLLL
Holton Le Clay Boys U13z Futsal 16 2 2 12 8 LLWLLLLLLLLD
Clee Community Blue 16 2 1 13 7 LLLLLLLLLLWW
Clee Community Reds 16 2 0 14 6 LLLLLLLLLWLL

Are we setting right example to our young players?

Last week I two teams, both same club, drop out of a league because they was ‘allegedly’ disrespected by opposition, one player being directly bullied at school as result of large defeat. Allegedly most players wanted to stop playing futsal as a consequence.

How would you have responded to this situation if it happened to your team?

I personally would have seen loss as a challenge, a sign I needed to do more, I certainly would not have removed my teams from league. What do we teach are young protégées if we join a league and don’t finish matches. I have never had a group of parents that would have allowed me to take such an action. There are two other teams in same league who have suffered the rough end of some results, they are still playing. In fact those two teams are big winners because they have started and completed every game without complaint. That in its self is an achievement just as important as being a league winner.

As youth managers we get hit with these problems all time, senior football is easy, you don’t have growing maturing players to manage. Thankfully senior players don’t bring mum and dad with them. Recently I had a mum in middle of group of under 10s as they lined up to shake hands at end of match. Her little mite was not shaking hand of player who had just fouled him; either that or she wanted to transfer him there and then to opposition?

This week I asked a player how he had got on in his futsal match. We lost he said, but we only had bare five players, where was the others. The manager had not allowed them to play because they had done something wrong. Surely they should play so that the five are not punished. Deal with the naughty three afterwards with consequences that hit them only.

I had a similar situation many years ago when my son’s team was in a semi final. Two players had transgressed at school, one mum said her lad was not playing in semi as punishment, the other made their son play and clean everyone’s boots after the game (dad helped) him. I know which parent, in my humble opinion, made the right call. Taught me a lot that day.

Answering my own original question, 99% of time parent managers get it right, they provide a valued surface so our young grassroots players can play the game they love.

Kevin Bryant

Organiser GFL




England’s U19 Futsal squad head in Croatia this week for the main round of the inaugural UEFA U19 Futsal European Championship


A sign UEFA and FA are recognising huge impact futsal is making at grassroots level.

Nice to see local rivals Scunthorpe United have a player in squad.


Jack Walsh – London United Futsal Club
James Black – Genesis Futsal Club
Joe Bickerstaffe – Tranmere FC
Jared Rand – University of Nottingham Futsal
Ollie Whaley – University of Nottingham Futsal
James Dirkin – London United Futsal
Mikey Bulmer – York City Futsal Club
Matt Overton – York City Futsal Club
Raynner Silva – Scunthorpe United FC
Drew Hodgson – Newcastle Futsal Club
Henrique Do Carmo – London United Futsal Club
Jordan Deer – Cheshire Futsal Club
Liam Hunt – Genesis Futsal Club
Lawson Mcarthy – Wigan Futsal Club

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Football and sport in general declining out of control – pass me the X-Box

Where is English football heading? Government statistics tell us football and other team sports have lost 10% of participants each of last two seasons. In fact every sport has fewer participants than two years ago.

Sport England spend their money wisely to win Olympic medals, to them the total is most important, which explains why the ladies Great Britain hockey team are the only team sport to get sponsorship funding.

What are these people doing if they are giving up on traditional sports? Data shows they have moved to fitness gyms. Understandable, they are open twenty fours a day, they are mostly warm and clean, and you can participate and meet people on your own. A win win situation.

Should we be worried about these figures? Certainly if you want to watch a Premiership match that includes English players. The Grimsby Telegraph reports that a declining 30% of team spaces, so far this season, have been occupied by English players. Burnley; Bournemouth and Everton the only teams hitting the 50% mark. All three have recently dropped to nearer the 30% mark. At the season end 70% of Premiership wages and transfer fees could be leaving England for foreign lands. Not the success the Premier League was designed to achieve when it was conceived.

Wall to wall TV. coverage, less and less participation, where are we going? What is the destination?


Kev Bryant

FA Futsal Strategy Announced March 2019

Good to read that the FA has a long term plan for futsal. Pity they can’t accept that if you don’t have an indoor court an outdoor one isn’t a bad second choice. Far more cost effective and given our culture quite enjoyable that said supporters would prefer indoors to winter cold. I’m told in many hot countries they play futsal indoors in summer to keep cool, the polar opposite to us. Politics play a part to; FA will not condemn playing off boards when they need affiliation income and consumer data, those people help FA plug gap on its 10% year on year loss of 11 vs.11 footballers. A lose not specific just to football, all teams sports are suffering same loss. Only sport/pastime increasing its customer base is fitness gyms.

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